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Leave and Time Off

Accruing Time Off 
Common questions about accruing time off. 

Administrative Leave 
The five different pay codes available when using administrative leave with the corresponding CS Rule referenced. 

Bereavement Leave 
A bereavement policy is the practice of allowing time off when an immediate family member passes away. Bereavement leave, also known as Funeral Leave, is a benefit outlined in CS Rule 10.

Donated Sick 
A Career Service employee may donate sick leave to another Career Service employee provided that certain requirements are met. 

Family Medical Leave 
The purpose of FMLA leave is to provide up to twelve weeks of job-protected leave in a twelve-month period to eligible employees for specified immediate family and medical reasons.

Parental Leave
Parental leave is outlined in Career Service Rule 11, Unpaid and Extended Leave. Here you will find the form to request the use of Parental Leave.

Short Term Disability 
Find the form needed to file a short term disability claim along with contact information and additional resources.

Sick to Vacation 
When sick leave accumulation exceeds 880 hours, an employee may request to convert sick leave to vacation leave. 

Workers' Compensation 
This will take you to the Workers’ Compensation homepage presented by Risk for information on work related injuries.