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Administrative leave, often referred to as admin leave, is outlined in CS Rule 10 - Paid Leave. For tracking and pay purposes, there are five different pay codes available when using administrative leave outlined below with where to find them within the CS Rules.

  • ALV Business  - Business Necessity: CS Rule 10-67 B.3
  • ALV CSA Rep - CSA Representation: CS Rule 10-67 A.1 and 3
  • ALV Dispute Resolution - Alternate Dispute Resolution: CS Rule 10-67 A.2
  • ALV Exemplary Perf - Exemplary Performance: CS Rule 10-67 B.2
    • For additional information about exemplary performance, such as request earned time to be banked or how to request use of your exemplary performance, please continue to our Exemplary Performance page.
  • ALV Position App - Position Application: CS Rule 10-67 B.1

Requesting Time Off

Click the image to learn how to create a time off request.