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Holiday Leave

The city recognizes ten holidays per year. The following will outline what to track on your timecard during a holiday week.

Common Questions

What should I enter on my timecard for the holiday? 

The Controller's Office, Payroll Division will add the holiday to your timecard. If you work in DIA Operations, your holiday must be entered by your supervisor.

What if I work on the holiday?

Record your hours worked as usual and ask your supervisor to move the holiday to the day that you will take off, following CS Rule 10-52 Observing Holidays.

     Supervisors: If an employee works on the holiday and does not take another day off, please leave the holiday on the official day.

How many hours is the holiday?

An eligible full-time employee receives 8 hours of paid holiday, part time employees who work 20-29 hours receives 4 hours of paid holiday, and part time employees who work 30-39 hours receives 6 hours of paid holiday.

What if the holiday falls on my work day that is scheduled to be more than eight hours long?

You must select one of the following choices, subject to approval by the appointing authority, to make up for the difference between the length of the work day missed and the eight hours of paid holiday leave allowed:

  • Hours may be deducted from your administrative leave granted for exemplary performance, earned compensatory time, earned paid time off, or earned vacation leave;
  • You may work additional hours within the work week; or
  • You may take the hours as unpaid leave.
Holiday Schedule.

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