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Badge Replacement

The Controller's Office, Payroll Division is committed to paying all City and County of Denver employees timely and accurately. To assist the Payroll Division, the City has implemented the use of Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. Once approved to use Kronos 4500 Terminals, employees must have a Facilities issued Employee ID Badge, a Public Works Waste Water issued Employee ID Badge, a DIA issued badge, or a Payroll Kronos Badge. The badges allow employees to clock in and out using the Kronos 4500 Terminals. The following is the policy around a Payroll issued Kronos Badge. 

First Time Badges for Employees and Contractors
New employees should obtain their new badge during their first week of employment.  Please speak with your supervisor about obtaining a Kronos badge.
Replacement IDs
Employees should report lost or damaged Kronos badges to their Supervisors and the Payroll Division immediately. After immediate notification from the Supervisor, Payroll will re-issue a badge unless otherwise specified by the employee and deactivate the lost / stolen / damaged ID badge; this process can take up to 2 business days.

Badge Deactivation
Employees separating from employment must turn in his / her Kronos badge to their Supervisor or Agency Representative.  The Supervisor or Agency Representative will then send the employee’s badge to the Payroll Division on their last day of employment.  
Employee Responsibilities Regarding Use and Maintenance of ID Badge
Id Badges remain the property of the City and County of Denver.  After an employee, intern or contractor has been issued an ID Badge, the employee must:
  1. Maintain the Kronos badge in good condition, avoid contact with surfaces (including excessive sun exposure) that can scratch or cause accelerated wear (including fading), and avoid placing the ID Badge in the proximity of magnetic sources or fields (cell phones and credit cards);
  2. Do not trim, fold,  insert pins or other wise deface or alter the Kronos badge from its initial appearance;  
  3. Maintain the Kronos badge in a secure location to protect against loss, theft or unauthorized use; 
  4. Do not lend the badge to any other individual for any reason; this can lead to confiscating the badge and disciplinary action; 
  5. Immediately report the loss of the Kronos badge to your Supervisor and the Payroll Division.