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Independent Monitor - Frequently Asked Questions

Formal IAB Investigations

What happens during a formal IAB investigation?

An IAB investigator will fully investigate the complaint and interview all appropriate witnesses. The Monitor’s Office will participate in some or all of the interviews or monitor the investigation by reviewing and commenting on all relevant reports. Once the Monitor agrees that the investigation is complete, it is then forwarded to the officer’s Commander to review. The involved officer’s Commander will make a finding on the complaint, which is then reviewed by Command staff up to and including the Chief of Police or Undersheriff as well as the Manager of Safety. There are two general findings:

  • Sustained
  • Not Sustained


What happens if an allegation is sustained?

IAB determined the officer violated Denver Police or Sheriff Department policy or procedure.

The Manager of Safety will impose discipline, if appropriate, after receiving a disciplinary recommendation from the Chief of Police or the Undersheriff and the Monitor’s Office. The Monitor’s Office will then notify the complainant of the final finding(s). The discipline actually imposed
is confidential by law and cannot be disclosed. However, the Monitor will report on the overall discipline imposed by the Police and Sheriff’s Departments over the past year.


What happens if an allegatino is not sustained?

IAB determines an officer acted within the guidelines of Denver Police or Sheriff Department policy; or there was not enough evidence to prove or disprove the allegation(s); or, the allegation(s) is false.

The Monitor’s Office will notify the person who filed the complaint of the finding(s) and the reason for the finding(s).