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About Platte to Park Hill

Platte to Park Hill: Stormwater Systems is taking a comprehensive approach to better protecting people and property against flooding while improving water quality and enhancing public spaces.


The program is focused in the near-term on the northern neighborhoods of Elyria, Swansea, Cole, Clayton, Skyland, Whittier, Five Points and Northwest Park Hill. These areas are at risk of severe flooding during storms.

Program Goals

  • increase neighborhood connectivity
  • improve water quality
  • add new park and recreation spaces
  • provide critical flood protection

City Park Golf CourseGlobeville Landing Outfall


39th Avenue GreenwayPark Hill Detention




Globeville Landing Construction

City Park Golf Course
303-386-9150, TTY: 720-512-7257

39th Avenue Greenway

Park Hill Detention


Globeville Landing — Under Construction
Construction on the Globeville Landing Outfall began in winter 2016 to build storm drainage infrastructure. Construction then began on work to develop park amenties. 

City Park Golf Course — Under Construction
Construction began in November 2017, led by Saunders Construction, iConGolf Studio with Hale Irwin Golf Design, and clubhouse architect Johnson Nathan Strohe. City Park Golf Course is currently closed and will reopen after construction is complete and the turf is established. See updates at

39th Ave Greenway —Under Construction
Construction began in Summer 2018. The Greenway will be operational in 2020. See updates at

Park Hill Detention — Under Construction
Construction began in November 2018 and is planned for completion in June 2020. In addition to work on astormwater detention area at the Park Hill Golf Course site, crews will be relocating water, storm and sanitary pipes and installing new storm water pipes along 39th Avenue from Dahlia to Elm Street.