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News - 2013

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Dec 16, 2013

Four DPD officers to receive Mayoral Certificates of Appreciation

Four Denver police officers have received the Citizens Appreciate Police (CAP) Award this year and will be honored with a Mayoral Certificate of Appreciation during an 11:00 am ceremony on Friday, December 20, 2013 in the Rotunda of the City and County Building. Read more..

Dec 12, 2013

Civilian Employee of the Month for December 2013 - Mechelle Mattson

Mechelle Mattson has been the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), and the primary support for the Investigative Support Center at HIDTA since October of 1999. She is responsible for many duties at HIDTA including, but not limited to, RISSafe-CLEIN Operations Registrant, El Paso Intelligence Center Clan Lab System Coordinator, Accurint, Lexis/Nexis Database Coordinator, Executive Board liaison, and assistant to Director Tom Gorman. In her role with RISSafe and CLEIN, Ms. Mattson is responsible for managing deconflcition amongst drug investigations in the state of Colorado, as well as the Rocky Mountain region.

Dec 11, 2013

Denver DA Advisory: Gift Delivery Scam

Watch out for this credit card scam: You receive a phone call from someone wanting to deliver a package. Shortly after the call, a uniformed delivery man arrives at your home with a basket of flowers and wine. If you inquire about who sent you the gift, the delivery man will respond that he is only delivering the package and that a card has been sent separately. Read more...

Nov 15, 2013

Civilian Employee of the Month for November 2013 - Marissa Quigley

Since January 9, 2007, when Marissa Quigley joined the Denver Police Department's Traffic Investigations Bureau, Ms. Quigley has become an incredible asset to the Bureau, as her multi-task job encompasses a wide variety of duties. Of those duties, she is most noted for the numerous DUI cases she handles on a daily basis, while dealing with an excessive amount of phone calls; many of which are from individuals who are upset and irate. In addition, Ms. Quigley is known as someone who always avails herself to lend a helping hand and does so with confidence.

Nov 14, 2013

Denver DA Advisory: Tips against ID theft

It’s true, scammers never take a holiday. In fact, they bet on you paying more attention to gift buying and looking for good deals then protecting your identity. As the holidays approach, the opportunity for theft and scams increase. “Special offers” through e-mail, texts and other digital advertising feed off the holiday buying frenzy. Consumers can and should take advantage of good deals online. But all that convenience can create easy pickings for con artists. Credit cards do have built-in protections, but nothing will ruin your holidays more than a stolen identity.

Oct 18, 2013

Denver DA Advisory: Furnace Scam

As the nights get cooler and thoughts turn to winterizing the home, con artists who pose as furnace inspectors start making an appearance. Dressed as utility company or city employees, they will often use scare tactics such as concerns about gas build-up, or fears about high carbon monoxide levels as a ploy to get inside your house... Read more

Oct 4, 2013

Civilian Employee of the Month for October 2013 - Bonnie Mountain

Bonnie Mountain is the Quality Assurance Manager for the Crime Laboratory, and was hired from IBM after 15 years of service there. She came to the Denver Police Department in 2004 as a volunteer, and has transitioned into her position in the Lab very well. Ms. Mountain is responsible for the Lab’s ISO Quality Management System and performs exceptionally in this role. She also takes her turn on the front desk to insure that the front entrance of the Laboratory facility is covered. Ms. Mountain possesses exemplary skills in computer programming, as well as science in general, and she is using her talents on a major research project involving DNA...Read More

Sep 24, 2013

MADD presents awards to Denver Police Officers

Mothers Against Drunk Driving ( MADD) Colorado, along with its youth volunteers, presented 17 awards to outstanding individuals and teams of Colorado law enforcement officers and agencies who are making a difference in the community, during the 2013 MADD Colorado Law Enforcement Recognition Dinner and Awards Ceremony on September 18. More than 200 law enforcement officers, DA’s representatives and victim/survivors from across the state attended the event, which was held at Mile High Station in Denver.. Read more

Sep 24, 2013

Denver Police Law Enforcement Museum newsletter

The Denver Police Law Enforcement Museum (DPLEM) is dedicated to preserving the history of law enforcement and policing in the City and County of Denver through the collection and preservation of artifacts, documents and photographs for future generations and scholarly research; and to educating the public about the history of law enforcement through interpretive exhibits, educational programs, hands-on activities... Read more

Sep 23, 2013

Denver DA Advisory: Flood Scams

As the waters recede from the tragic floods, the opportunities for scams are on the rise. Many good-hearted Coloradans become victims of these scams. Here is some guidance to ensure the funds to which you contribute are legal and will be used to help the flood victims... Read More