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Denver Police Explorer Open House

The Denver Police Explorer program will be hosting its annual Open House in conjunction with an open application process for new Explorers. The open house will be at the Denver Police Academy, 2155 N Akron Way, Denver on Wednesday Aug. 20th  from  1800-1930 hrs and is open to all who are interested.  Download the flyer.

The event will consist of a classroom presentation, demonstrations and a quick tour of the areas we use at the academy. Denver Police Explorer Post-83 is one of the most active in the state for the training and community service that we do. As we increase our numbers, we anticipate reaching approximately 50 Explorers by the end of the year.

  We are looking for young men and women between 15-20 years old who are dedicated, hardworking and willing to learn to join our post. If any of your children or youth you may know, are interested in learning about law enforcement; then bring them down to the open house and see if the Explorer Program will be a good match.  Visit our website at or on Facebook for more information.

 If you have any questions, please contact Tech. Piyasena 720-641-1000,  or Cpl. Sheridan 720-232-6964,