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Daniels Fund and Denver Police Recognize Neighborhood Hero

Denver, CO – Tuesday, October 1, 2019 – In a ceremony this morning, the Daniels Fund and Denver Police Department recognized Donald Teadt, who rendered medical aid to a victim immediately following a shooting, helping to save his life.

The Daniels Fund awarded Mr. Teadt with the Bill Daniels Neighborhood Hero Award and also presented him with a $1,000 check as an expression of gratitude for his selfless actions. The Bill Daniels Neighborhood Hero Award was established by the Daniels Fund to recognize members of our community who go “above and beyond” and make heroic efforts to help others.

“Donald Teadt heard gunfire, saw a shooting victim fall to the ground and, contrary to what most people would do, ran towards this dangerous situation to help the victim,” said Linda Childears, president & CEO of the Daniels Fund. “We recognize his courage today with this award.”

The shooting occurred on May 12, 2018, in the 1200 block of W. Alameda Ave. when 21-year-old Luis Dominguez, a cell phone store employee, encountered two men outside of the store believing they were going to commit a robbery. Responding officers saw Mr. Dominguez on the ground with several witnesses surrounding him – and one of the witnesses, Mr. Teadt, was applying pressure to the bullet wounds to slow the bleeding.

Mr. Dominguez was transported to the hospital and was rushed into surgery. The attending physician indicated that Mr. Dominguez was near death upon arrival, but thankfully, the surgeons were able to save his life. If not for Mr. Teadt’s quick actions immediately following the shooting, Mr. Dominguez may not have survived.

“We are fortunate as a community that there are people like Donald Teadt who go above and beyond to help others, and I thank him for helping a stranger in a dire situation,” said Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen. “His actions serve as an inspiration to us all to make a difference in our community.”

Thanks to information provided by witnesses and the work of responding officers and Denver Police Robbery Detective Todd Erickson, two men were arrested for the attempted murder of Mr. Dominguez and for two separate robberies committed within hours after the shooting.