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Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out what goods or services are being bid by the City?

Formal Bids (those with an approximate value of $50,000 or over) are usually advertised in the Legal Section of the Daily Journal or the Denver Newspaper Agency. This DENVERGOV PURCHASING site also includes in "Bidding Opportunities" formal bids that can be downloaded. Additionally, vendors may visit the Purchasing Division during normal working hours and request hardcopies of any current formal bids.

Can anyone attend a bid opening?

Public bid openings are held for those Proposals with an estimated dollar value of $50,000.00 or more. These are "Formal" bids, and the date and time of the bid opening is indicated on the face (title page) of the bid document. Public bid openings are generally not held for "Informal" bids which have an estimated dollar value of less than $50,000.

Where are bid openings held?

At the Purchasing Division office, 201 West Colfax Ave, Dept 304, Denver, CO 80202. The Purchasing Division office is located on the 11th floor of 201 West Colfax Avenue. If the bid opening location is NOT the Purchasing Division Office, the bid opening location will be prominently displayed in the bid documents.

Are bid opening dates and times firm? Or is there some leeway to get a bid in?

Bid opening dates and times are firm. There is no "leeway," provided. Bids must be present and time-stamped at the Purchasing Division on or PRIOR TO the bid opening date and time indicated on and in the bid documents.

What does the Purchasing Division purchase?

The Purchasing Division procures goods and services for agencies of the City and County of Denver. The Purchasing Division does NOT procure construction or professional design/construction services. The Purchasing Division does NOT procure -- as a general rule -- "professional" or "personal" services required by agencies of the City and County of Denver.

Does the City and County of Denver have a law or policy that gives local or State of Colorado vendors preference "points" over out-of-state vendors in bid situations?

No. The City has neither a law or policy that provides bid preference points to local or State of Colorado vendors.

Are Buyers assigned to the procurement of specific commodities?

Yes, Buyers are assigned procurements within certain commodity groups. If you navigate to our Purchasing Homepage and click on "Contact Us" you can view the commodity groups the Buyers are assigned to.

Can agencies of the City buy goods or services on their own, without going through the Purchasing Division?

Yes, agencies of the City are authorized to conduct "low dollar" procurements without going through the Purchasing Division. Generally, these "low dollar" procurements are restricted to a unit cost of under $2,000 for items which are NOT available on City contracts.

Do all agencies of the City go through the Purchasing Division to buy goods and services?

Most agencies of the City are required by law to go through the Purchasing Division for the procurement of goods and services. Some agencies are not required by law to do this: Notably, Denver City Council and the Denver Public Library.

What are pre-bid meetings for?

Pre-bid meetings are a valuable opportunity for potential bidders to review with City personnel the terms, conditions, requirements and specifications of a bidder's proposal PRIOR TO the bid opening. Site inspections of the work location may also be held during pre-bid meetings.

Do I have to attend pre-bid meetings to be eligible to bid?

If the pre-bid meeting is MANDATORY, yes, you must attend the MANDATORY pre-bid meeting in order to be eligible to bid. Date and times for pre-bid meetings are shown on the cover page of bid documents as well as whether or not the pre-bid meeting is MANDATORY.

  • Does Denver have an "approved" vendor list? And, do I have to be on the "approved" list to do business with the City?

    Purchasing does not MAINTAIN a common vendor/mailing list for BID SOLICITATIONS, HOWEVER, individual buyers do maintain BID LISTS FOR THE COMMODITIES THEY PURCHASE, nor does Purchasing require vendors to register in order to do business with the City.

    Information pertaining to our proposals/awards is available upon request and Purchasing diligently works to ensure all vendors have equal access to this information. We accomplish this by providing several methods for you to obtain this information:

    You may download bid proposals directly from the link on our Web-site so you may “Skip the Trip” to our office. To download proposals, go to our Web-Site and click on the Denver Procurements link, then select the proposal that interests you and follow the instructions for downloading. These proposals are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader, which you may download free from a link on our Web-Site! A small portion of our proposals may not be posted on our Web-site due to technical constraints or if a Web presence is not appropriate for a particular proposal, in which case, you may obtain a copy from our offices.

    Additionally, we have provided a “Contact Us” section on our Web-site. This section contains the name, title, phone, and e-mail address for each of our buyers and a summary of the commodities for which they’re responsible. Our Buyers acquire the goods/services requested by City agencies and are your best source for information pertaining to Purchasing policies/procedures and existing, awarded proposals. You may access this section by going to our Web-Site and clicking on the Contact Us link. If you’re planning on visiting our offices and wish to speak with a buyer, we request you call in advance and make an appointment with that particular buyer(s).

    Legal Advertising - Purchasing advertises all Formal proposals (greater than $24,999.99) in the Legal Notices of the Daily Journal, the Denver Newspaper Agency, or other medium if appropriate;

    You may also obtain copies of open proposals by visiting our offices during normal business hours. We’re located at 201 West Colfax Avenue, Dept 304, Denver, CO 80202. Our phone number is 720-913-8100, and our hours are 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, holidays excluded. Appointments are required if you need to meet with a buyer.

How quickly does the City pay vendors?

Agencies of the City are required to pay valid and undisputed vendor invoices within the time period specified by Ordinance (Section 20-107 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code). Generally, for goods or non-construction services, the City's payment terms are Net 30.

Should invoices (billings)for goods or services delivered to or provided to the City be sent to the Purchasing Division for payment?

No. Your invoice (billing) must be sent to the "Bill To" address indicated on the Purchase Order or indicated in the contract documents.

If you have any additional questions regarding payment, please contact the Accounts Payable Department at 720-913-8811


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Appointments are required if you need to meet with a buyer.

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