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Complete List of Master Purchase Orders

Access our Complete List of Master Purchase Orders!

About Master Purchase Orders

The Charter, Denver Revised Municipal Code (D.R.M.C.), and Fiscal Accountability Rules provide the legal authority, policy and procedure for the manner in which the Purchasing Division procures goods and services for agencies of the City.

It is the goal of the City's Purchasing Division to obtain quality goods and/or related services representing the best value to the City from qualified, responsive, responsible vendors.  Every purchase is made in the City's best interest while providing all vendors a fair and equal opportunity to do business with the City.

The City's Purchasing Division invites all qualified vendors to actively participate in the City’s procurement processes.

A Master Purchase Order (MPO) is a type of contract by which a legally binding agreement between the City and a vendor to provide goods and related services to the City under mutually agreed upon terms and conditions is established. The MPO can be used for multiple agencies/departments.

These contracts are for goods and/or related services commonly used in volume by all or multiple City agencies and are awarded for definite periods of time, usually one year with extension/renewal options. These contracts impose no obligation upon the City providing agencies with the ability to purchase the quantities needed by the City during the effective dates of the contract from a successful vendor. The City and the successful vendor sign the MPO. Shipment is only authorized when a using agency places orders against the MPO number.

Please see the hyperlink below for the current Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual.

Purchasing Policy and Procedure Manual

The Master Purchase Order Report contains the following fields:

Begin Dt – Date that the Master Purchase Order term began.

Expire Dt - Date that the Master Purchase Order term expires or needs to be reviewed for available renewals and may be extended for a total of years not to exceed 5 years.  Renewals are dependent upon Buyer and Agency evaluation.

Vendor Name – Awarded Vendor

Description – Brief description of product or service.

Contract ID – City’s Official contract ID of record.

Master Purchase Order Number – Unique Master Purchase Order (MPO) number.

EPP* - Environmentally Preferred Product Positive Attribute present in MPO.

Buyer Name – Buyer responsible for the MPO

New Award** - Identifies any MPO that has been issued in the last 30 days.

Prevailing Wage - Prevailing wage is the most commonly paid wages in the Denver Metropolitan area for various job classes as established by the City’s Office of Human Resources.

The Purchasing Division participates in cooperative procurement endeavors as provided for in the Denver Revised Municipal Code (Section Sec. 20-64.5).  The Manager of General Services may authorize purchases of goods and services pursuant to any intergovernmental agreement which, in the opinion of the Manager of General Services, is in the best interest of the City.  These types of agreements are not subject to the 5 year bidding requirement of the City.

For additional information on any of these Master Purchase Orders or any other questions please contact Purchasing at 720-913-8100 or email


Purchasing Goods and Services Denver Small Business Opportunity (DSBO) Ordinance. For more information go to - posted Monday, March 24, 2014

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