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Right of Way Street Occupancy

See below for information on the short-term use of the City’s Right-of-Way (ROW) by applicants through the issuance of various permits. If you are inquiring about permit(s) for private property, please contact the Denver Building Department.


Applicant Resources

  1. Public Works ROW Permit Application - 2016 (MS Excel) – Please complete this form and submit it with your traffic control plan(s).
  2. Parking Meter Requests — Applications to bag meters can now be managed through the Online Meter Bagging Permit System.
  3. Special Event Calendar – This is a calendar of events in Denver's public right-of-way. Check to see if your request may conflict with an event.
  4. Construction Inspector Area Map (PDF; updated June 2017) – Review this map to contact the assigned right-of-way inspector for questions about projects in their area.
  5. PW Standard Details – These are the City and Country of Denver Public Works' current standards and details.
  6. Denver 2014 Approved Concrete Mix Designs (PDF)
    For questions, please contact Dave Potter, 303-446-3421, 
  7. PW Street Moratorium List (PDF; updated July 2017) – This is a list of all roadways that currently have special repair requirements on them.

Traffic Control Plans

These are City Approved Plans that can only be used on residential roadways. Links to PDF forms; right-click to download.

  1. One Lane Road - Residential/Local Streets
  2. Alley Closure -Local/Residential Streets
  3. Sidewalk Closure- Residential/Local Streets
  4. Intersection Lane Closure - Residential/Local St
  5. Parking Lane - Residential/Local Streets
  6. Road Closure - Residential/Local Streets

For Work in Central Business District (Downtown Denver)

You must attend a bi-weekly meeting and coordinate your closure with other contractors.

Downtown Coordination Meeting Notes (PDF) — weekly list of work currently taking place in Downtown Denver.
(Updated 10-31-18)

2018 Downtown Coordination Meeting Schedule (PDF)

Memos, Moratoriums, and Announcements


Some permits are now available to apply and pay online.

  • Street Occupancy and construction in the right of way
  • Addressing
  • Street Furniture (TCR)
  • Vending Cart

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Rules and Regulations

Find  various documents related to right of way rules and regulations including street cuts and standard utility cross sections.

Event Closures

For street/alley closures related to special events (not construction), see the Public Works Special Event Permit Requirements »