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collage of wastewater construction and repair projects

Wastewater Construction Inspection

Wastewater Construction Inspection reviews and inspects construction of public and private wastewater projects within the City and County of Denver.  Once the project has been completed, and all close-out requirements have been met, Wastewater Construction Inspection will issue a Letter of Acceptance. 


My project has been approved - now what?

  • Please contact Wastewater Inspections at to request a pre-construction meeting to be scheduled. Please use “Preconstruction Meeting Request for 201X-SSPR-XXXXXXX” in the email Subject line. Approved plans will be provided at this meeting.
  • Contractor, Engineer, Private Inspector and Owner are all encouraged to attend the Pre-Construction meeting
  • The meetings are typically held in the morning at the Wastewater Building located at 2000 West 3rd Avenue.

After your Pre-Construction Meeting and the erosion control measures have been inspected, you can now start construction - Contact Wastewater Construction Inspection two days prior to the start of this work.

a.  Erosion Control Installation, building demolition, and grading may begin once the erosion control permit has been completed.  Call Water Quality Enforcement at 303-446-3659 to ensure permit requirements have been met.

b.  Contact Wastewater Construction Inspection two days prior to the start the permitted drainage and/or sanitary construction

c.  Read your Sewer Use and Drainage Permit to identify inspection requirements for different portions of the sanitary/storm work.  Questions can be directed to your mainline inspector.

You must complete Private Inspector Reports, soils compaction test, and concrete strength test.   Submit all these reports immediately after completing the underground work and at least bi-weekly to your assigned Mainline Inspector.

A third-party full time private inspector is required for all projects. Full Time Construction Inspection is defined in the City and County of Denver’s Right-of-Way Services Wastewater Construction Inspection Specification.

After significant completion of construction, call your project inspector to review the close out process requirements.

Final walk thru will be performed with mainline and Wastewater plumbing Inspectors.

One you complete all punch-list items for construction and required submittals, call Wastewater Permits at (303) 446-3759 for their final walk thru and to get your building permit signed.

The Letter of Acceptance (LOA) provides verification that the project has been completed per City and County of Denver’s standard details and specifications. 

If the project is Bonded: 
Once the LOA is issued, the project must be advertised for 30-days prior to bond release.  The advertisement costs $50, and the permittee will be invoiced.  For any questions, call Accounting Services at 303-446-3458.