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Requesting City Facility As-Built Records

The Public Works ERA office manages as-built records of City building facilities. A request system has been developed to facilitate retrieval of as-built records for use in planning City funded repair or capital projects. This system does not currently support issuance of as-built records to outside agencies, designers, consultants, citizens, etc who are not involved with a City funded repair or capital project.

Should you require as-built record drawings for use on a City funded project, an As-Built Request Form is required. When requesting As-Built records, you may also wish to determine what format the files are currently in per the As-Built Record List, as this determines what format you will receive the records in. Once complete, you may submit your request form to

If in an emergency situation where as-built records are required immediately, you may also attempt to call the PWERA office directly at Phone 720-913-1697 or 720-865-3100.

Submitting City Facility As-Built Records

To submit as-built plans for any completed projects to PWPCO for official recordation, PDF and AutoCAD files of the plan sheets are required per the following As-Built Submittal Checklist. Instructions for how to submit the record files are included on the Checklist.

As of July 1, 2011, paper copies of as-built drawings will no longer be accepted by the PWERA office for recordation, due to the extraordinary time required for the scanning and filing of same.


For your convenience, the Submittal Checklist, As-Built Request Form, and list of current As-Built Records are located here:
As-Built Submittal Checklist 
As-Built Request Form 
As-Built Record List