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Small Cell Infrastructure in Denver

The City and County of Denver is receiving growing numbers of requests from wireless providers and wireless infrastructure companies to construct small cell facilities in the public right of way.


About small cell facilities

Small Cell facilities are low-powered antennas that provide cellular and data coverage to smaller geographic areas, supplementing the larger cellular network and improving service for wireless customers.

Denver Public Works is responsible for issuing permits for any utility equipment placed in the right of way and setting standards for physical appearance and safety.

Updated May 2019



Freestanding Small Cell Infrastructure
ROW Permit


See instructions for filling out and submitting these worksheets in the Entrance Requirements documentation.

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How to learn more

Small Cell Info Sheet

Download the information sheet (PDF) from Denver Public Works about how we are working with companies to bring small cell infrastructure to the city.


Contact Denver Public Works

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Small Cell collaboration in Denver

The City and County of Denver has formed collaborative relationships with wireless companies to efficiently and responsibly permit installation of small cell infrastructure.

Denver's success in collaboration

Denver’s innovative approaches to collaboration are unique to the City and have resulted in addressing industry needs with local needs.

Denver Public Works has collaborated with executive management from each wireless provider about their proposed infrastructure programs. This has helped to ensure that each provider approaches the City in a consistent manner, and that the City’s current procedures are understood at the outset. Design standards and approval processes have also been standardized through this collaboration with each provider. The City has already experienced much benefit to close collaboration with parent companies, reducing burdens for retraining sub-contractors for complete applications. Our collaboration has also evolved opportunties for deploying the latest techniques and pilot projects towards consolidating ROW infrastructure.

Denver’s permitting integrates opportunities

teams in collaboration

Denver Public Works has established an innovative plan review and batch permitting program for Small Cell applications that combine several necessary City permits into one contiguous process. This timely system ensures that each Small Cell application follows the same procedures and standards as any other user of the public right of way, minimizing City processing and administration labor while maximizing opportunities for responsible siting and collaborating on mutual City benefits.

Testimonials from Carriers

“Denver Public Works has worked closely with Mobilitie as they’ve developed a new program to address small cell infrastructure and city growth. As a result of their efforts, the City now has a well-planned and comprehensive small cell permitting program that addresses current and future connectivity needs, which is the first step toward encouraging innovation and investment, and toward becoming a connected city.”

“Zayo would like to express appreciation for the proactive approach the City and County of Denver has taken in developing program and policy around Small Cell deployments. The benefits Small Cells bring to wireless networks for consumers and the public are too numerous to list, but they also pose a number of practical challenges in their deployment. The CCDs ongoing work to actively develop strategy and process for the responsible deployment of Small Cells (well before HB 17-1193 made it a requirement to do so) will undoubtedly lead to a better end result for all parties impacted. We look forward to our continued partnership in this area.”

“Crown Castle (Newpath Networks LLC) is proud to be actively working with the City and County of Denver as we develop broadband communications infrastructure in the right of way. It’s clear that your office and other permitting bodies understand the complexities behind providing this necessary equipment in densely populated areas and have been able to balance both public interest and industry needs. Your progressive approach to processing our permit applications provides a pathway to success and gives us clear boundaries as we create our designs. We look forward to working with your department as we develop our network throughout our beautiful City.”



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