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Tie Books Help

Tie-books are survey books that show the relationship of range lines to the block faces or block lines for Denver Subdivisions. Range lines are generally set at some specific offset distance from the block lines and are marked on the ground with some type of survey monument or marker. Generally, range lines are 20' south and 20' east of block lines. The "ties" show the distance from these survey monuments (often stones, axles, or survey caps) to marks (often scribed "X's" or "+'s") on the curb and gutter. The actual monuments on the ends of the lines are usually in the street pavement. The ties are usually on the curb and are visible without digging.

Tie-books record the location of the survey monuments marking the range lines and also the ties to +'s or other marks that should be visible without digging. By pulling a tape measure and scribing an arc from two or more of these ties, one can locate the monuments under the pavement.

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