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Committed to being a Triple Crown Award winning law enforcement agency for the City of Denver

Dial 9-1-1 for Emergencies ONLY

Non-emergency calls
Visit Reservations
Bonding Office
Impounded Vehicles
(720) 865-0470
VIN Verification & Certification Appointments
(720) 865 - 0479
Report Abandoned Vehicles
(720) 865-0471
Homeless Voucher Program
after hours:
(Victim Information & Notification Everyday)
Mailing Address
PO Box 1108
Denver, CO 80201

Work Release Application

Please complete this application in full and submit no more than one (1) week prior to your sentence date. It is important that you are truthful and complete the entire application. The information submitted in this application will be thoroughly investigated. If it is determined that you knowingly falsified any information you may be denied entry into the Work Release Program.

  • Participants must work no less than a minimum of 25 hours a week while on the program
  • Participants may work up to 10 hours per day (includes lunch and breaks), no more than 6 days in a row. All hours over 40 per week must be paid overtime, unless employed in a salaried position
  • Participants may only have one employer while on the program
  • Participants must be paid with a company paycheck. Cash payments are not allowed
Contact for Alternative Sentencing

Captain Anthony Gettler
10500 Smith Road
Denver, CO   80239
Phone: 720-913-3709
Fax: 720-913-3817

Hours of Operation:
M-F 6:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Electronic Monitoring

Phone: (720) 913-8950
Fax: (720) 913-8920
electronic monitoring