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Recruit training is the mainstay of the Denver Sheriff Training Academy, with classes generally conducted throughout the year. Before placement on an eligibility list, applicants must first complete a comprehensive selection process, including numerous tests, interviews, and a thorough background investigation.  For Information please call our recruiter at (303) 961-1317.

Recruits are exposed to 15 weeks of intensive training on a variety of subjects, including but not limited to:

  • Inmate Management
  • Firearms
  • Physical fitness
  • Emergency driving
  • Report writing

Deputy Sheriff must, at the time of application: 

  • Be at least 21 years of age,
  • Have a High School Diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED),
  • Possess a valid Colorado Class “R” drivers license

Prior to appointment as a Denver Deputy Sheriff, the Applicant must pass:

  • Completion of City Application
  • Written Exam
  • Integrity Interview
  • Background Investigation
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Psychological Exam and Interview
  • Physical Fitness Exam
  • Medical Examination for hearing and vision

Detailed Description of the position

Application process- Failure to fill out applications completely and accurately could result in rejection.

Written Exam- Applicants must pass a written exam that measures:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Ability to follow instructions and Procedures
  • Proper use of Grammar
  • Legal Terminology and Vocabulary
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Memory

Applicants need to pass each portion of the test with the following scores:

  • 80% Video
  • 80% Reading
  • 70% Counting  

The test usually last about 2 hours.

Integrity Interview- Selected candidates will be invited to participate in an interview that is designed to ascertain the applicant’s integrity and basic background and qualifications.

Background Checks-Applicants must have the ability to pass a background check. 
Applicants will be disqualified for factors including but not limited to:

  • Felony Convictions
  • Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Assault
  • Harassment
  • Negative Driving Record
  • Negative Employment  History
  • DUI or DWAU conviction in the last 36 months or two or more DUI/ DWAI convictions
  • Illegal Drug activity (selling., delivering, distributing or manufacturing)
  • Hard drug usage within the last 60 months
  • Illegal use of drugs while employed as a law enforcement officer, firefighter or other sworn public safety position.
  • Other use of illegal drugs with in the past 36 months.
  • Dishonesty or falsification of records during the testing process or the background investigation.

Polygraph Examination- A polygraph exam is a required part of the application process.

Psychological Exam and Interview- Applicants will undergo a two part psychological exam

  1. A written test
  2. A one-on one interview with a psychologist

This process is designed to determine suitability for a position with the Denver Sheriff Department.

Physical Fitness Exam- Applicants will be measured on their ability to perform job related physical tasks.  All exercises are timed.

  • Pat and frisk searches on a simulated prisoner
  • Emergency call- running up and down stairs, with a fire extinguisher
      • First Corridor Run
      • Stair Climb
      • Second Emergency call
      • Stair Decent
      • Prisoner Move (150Lb Dummy)

Medical Examination- After a conditional offer of employment, applicants will be sent for a health screening

Jail Tour -To schedule a jail tour, please call (720) 865-8827 or email to get a first-hand look at the job.

The physical demands of law enforcement jobs are real. You may be called upon to move an accident victim to safety, subdue a violent criminal, climb flights of stairs to render first aide, or several other scenarios during your career.

The overall stress of a career in public safety is also very real. After consulting with your doctor, consider a regular fitness and nutrition program as part of your daily lifestyle.

Academy Physical Fitness Standards
All fitness tests and evaluations taken throughout the Academy will also be calculated towards your seniority and/or badge number to be awarded upon graduation.

One of these requirements will be The Academy Fitness Test.

You will be given a fitness test (pre-test) the 1st week of the Academy, a midterm test and a final exam at the end of the Academy. 

You will be given access to the Academy facilities throughout the Academy (and will be encouraged to take advantage of them) to help you attain your goals.

The Academy weight room and running course will be available for you to use on your lunch breaks daily, as well as before and after hours.

Scores for the Academy fitness test are derived from the Cooper Fitness Standards as compared to the fitness levels of law-enforcement officers nationwide

A baseline will be recorded for each recruit at the beginning of the academy. A mid-term physical fitness test will be given to determine the recruit's physical progress.  Each of these tests will have varying point values depending upon the instructor's composition of the test and what performance is required by the recruit.

Fitness Test. Determines changes and improvements made during the academy.

Written Defensive Tactics Test.   Determines your cognitive ability to retain and explain information about use of force and philosophy concerning prisoner control.

Practical Defensive Tactics Test Demonstrates your understanding and ability to apply and perform the various techniques taught in defensive tactics training.

Academy Academic Standards
If chosen to attend the academy, you will be held to academic standards:

  • An academic knowledge test will generally be given bi-weekly.  These tests will usually consist of 50 questions. There will be 5-8 tests.
  • Specific written tests regarding areas such as firearms safety, concealed weapons, and driver safety, D.E.V.O.C., Taser and C.P.R. will be given.  Additional specialty tests may be added as required.
  • Several final tests will be given at the end of the academy.
  • Firearms Written Test Determines your cognitive ability to retain and explain information about weapons safety, use of force and deadly force and the mechanics of how to shoot.
  • Tests may be added or deleted during the academy as required.
Minimum passing score on all written tests is 80%

As a Denver Deputy Sheriff you will receive extensive firearms training at the range.  You will need to pass all shooting qualifications to graduate the academy. Once you are a sworn member, you will be required to qualify quarterly with all firearms that you are issued and/or carrying. All Deputy Sheriffs must maintain a shooting score of 80% or above during their employment.

Are you looking to move to Denver, the Mile High City? Did you know that Denver Sheriff Department received the Triple Crown Accreditation this year- where only 39 of 3,500 sheriff departments across the nation have qualified?

How would you like to join the Denver Sheriff Department, where a Strategic Plan includes fostering staff success, providing a safe and secure environment for inmates, improving community relations, providing resources to empower inmates, and all while efficiently administering criminal justice services?

Are you a Peace Officer in another jurisdiction, and have always wanted to work for Denver?  We are seeking experienced law enforcement.  Peace Officers to perform a variety of roles and responsibilities concerning the security, care and safety of prisoners and the public in detention, medical, court and transportation settings.

The Denver Sheriff Department is the largest Sheriff Department agency in the state of Colorado and is comprised of many divisions and diverse operations with over 900 uniformed and non-uniformed staff members. These operations include two separate jails, security for the District and County court systems, state inmate transportation, extradition duties, civil, fugitive and K-9 units, Vehicle Impound Facility, and Work Release facility, and security at Denver Health Medical Center.


To apply for a Lateral Deputy Sheriff position, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Current or recent Peace Officer as defined by Colorado Revised State Statute or possess a current  Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification. (for information on the requirements of State Peace Officer as defined by Colorado revised statutes, please visit: TRANSCRIPTS of your POST Certification or state/municipality equivalent MUST BE ATTACHED; 
  • Not currently under Internal Affairs investigation for any reason, nor any sustained discipline for the last 3 years;
  • Minimum of three (3) years of law enforcement experience equivalent to that of the duties of Denver Deputy Sheriff positions while employed full-time;
  • Currently employed full-time as a Peace Officer within a Sheriff Department or Police Department ; OR Laid-off or retired within the last twelve (12) months from such,  AND have been in good standing at the time of lay-off or retirement.

In-Service TrainingDSD conducts periodic retraining of skills, knowledge and abilities learned in the basic law enforcement training academy. In-Service training includes recertification on issued equipment, tactics, ethics, and policy training

Reinforcement Training
Specific training that is utilized at the division to enhance staffs performance.

Specialized training
Training to enhance skills, knowledge and abilities beyond the level taught by either initial training or other in-service programs. Specialized training may include executive development, technical training, fingerprinting and classification of inmates, accreditation management, Emergency Response Unit (ERU), Emergency preparedness, and Gang Intelligence training in example.

Advance Training
Training is often held outside of the academy and is designed to impart higher level supervisory and management skills to participants.

Remedial Training

Personalized training to correct specific deficiencies that could be identified through evaluations or during routine job performance.

All newly hired deputy sheriff recruits will be required to successfully demonstrate academy skills and complete a (pre-service) P.O.S.T based basic law enforcement training academy prior to assignment.  DSD does not enforce traffic laws; therefore, P.O.S.T. related material is omitted from DSD Basic Law Enforcement Training Adademy.  Newly hired sworn personnel who are Colorado P.O.S.T. certified will maintain their certification through DSD employment as a Denver Deputy Sheriff.


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Robert Pablo, Recruiter
(720) 865-8827

For a sign language interpreter or Spanish language interpreter please contact Melissa Ortega at 720-337-0094 to make the request at least 5 days prior to the meeting.



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