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Jan 18, 2017

Denver Sheriff Department Advisory Board - Request for Applications

The Denver Sheriff Department is requesting applications to its Advisory Board.

The Sheriff Advisory Board will meet regularly during which time the Sheriff will keep board members apprised of activities and issues concerning the department, as well as provide an opportunity for board members to provide the Sheriff with ideas, concerns, feedback and suggestions.

Dec 15, 2016

Sheriff Firman's Letter to City Council

Sheriff Patrick Firman sends thank you letter to Denver City Council, providing an overview of some of the significant milestones met by the Denver Sheriff Department over the past year as part of the department's reform program.

Sep 29, 2016

Opioid Users to Get Second Chance With New Jail-based Treatment

DENVER – Opioid use across the country has reached epidemic proportions impacting multiple city and state systems. Starting today, opioid-dependent defendants in the City and County of Denver will have a new option to undergo methadone treatment in a controlled environment under an innovative new program operated by the Denver Sheriff Department, Denver Human Services’ Office of Behavioral Health Strategies, Denver Health, Denver Adult Probation, Denver District Court and Addiction Research and Treatment Services (ARTS).

Sep 26, 2016

Suspected Drug Overdose at Denver Jail

DENVER, CO – Five Denver inmates suspected of overdosing on drugs were taken to hospital yesterday afternoon.

Jul 29, 2016

Staff spend more time with newborns under new policy

DENVER, CO – A new policy for pregnant staff at the Denver Sheriff Department allows women to remain at work longer into their pregnancies, as well as allowing them to spend more time at home with their newborns. Under the policy, pregnant employees are now able to temporarily switch to modified duties from their regular duties.

Jun 16, 2016

Focus of New Deputy Sheriff Use of Force Policy is De-escalation

DENVER, CO – The City and County of Denver today announced the release of a new use of force policy for the Denver Sheriff Department (DSD) that emphasizes the need for deputies to de-escalate situations as an alternative to using force, when reasonably possible, and clarifies the policy standard defining circumstances when force may be used.

Jun 08, 2016

Denver Elections Division Debuts Confined Voter Program

The Denver Elections Division has partnered with the Denver Sheriff’s Department, and the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition to create a confined voter process so eligible inmates housed at the Denver County Jail and the Van Cise - Simonet Detention Center can exercise their right to vote if they so choose.

Mar 08, 2016

Denver Provides Update on Sheriff Department Reform

DENVER – Executive Director of Public Safety Stephanie Y. O’Malley today provided an update on the City’s continued work to implement meaningful reform within the Sheriff Department. “We continue to make strides regarding reform implementation thanks to the multitude of Sheriff Department employees, city employees, community members and stakeholders who have willingly given their time to help develop implementation plans and support the overall reform effort,” said Executive Director O’Malley. “This commitment is another example of how Denver comes together as a team to ensure its public facilities employ the best practices and procedures.”

Feb 12, 2016

More people scammed by man impersonating deputy

DENVER, CO – The Denver Sheriff Department today AGAIN warned people to be on alert for a caller claiming to be a sheriff officer asking for money, following a fresh round of people being scammed.

Feb 09, 2016

Overdose risk inmates being given Narcan as they leave jail

DENVER, CO – High-risk inmates being released from the Denver Sheriff Department with a history of opioid dependence are being provided Narcan rescue kits, as part of a new effort to reduce drug overdose deaths across Denver.

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