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Please complete all of the information below if you wish to visit an inmate at the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center or the Denver County Jail. If the required information is not filled out completely, your request will be delayed. Your request will be reviewed and scheduled based on availability. You must provide a primary date and time for each of the two visits requested, as well as two alternate dates and times for visits. This is important as your first choice may not be available.

When your request has been processed, and if you are scheduled for a visit, you will be contacted by phone or email. Please be sure to list a valid email address, fax number or phone number where you can be reached with voicemail or messaging capabilities.

*Please note: A submitted request does not guarantee a visit.

See the current jail visit schedules:

Submit Your Visit Request Online

Please fill out and submit this form for your jail visit request.



Please familiarize yourself with our visitation guidelines prior to submitting your visit request.

Download a printable version of our guidelines.


  • Any person who smells of alcohol and/or appears to be intoxicated, or who appears to be on/under the influence of any drugs shall not be admitted.
  • Any person who does not leave the facility or grounds, when directed to do so by a Denver Deputy Sheriff, will be subject to arrest and charged.
  • No offensive, loud or disruptive language will be allowed. unacceptable conduct will cause your visit to be terminated immediately and may prevent future visits.
  • All minor children must be properly supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

Dress Code
All visitors must be fully dressed in appropriate, conventional clothing which is not unduly provocative, suggestive or revealing. Clothing must not resemble inmate attire or present adornments which could be used as a weapon. Visitor clothing standards include:

  • No bare feet
  • No short skirts
  • No swimwear or bikini tops
  • No halter or backless shirts
  • No spaghetti string tops
  • No muscle shirts
  • No see-through material
  • No gang, obscene, drug, alcohol messages or profanity on clothing
  • No visible undergarments
  • No wearing hats in the visitor area (religious exception)
  • All shirts must have sleeves and completely cover the chest and shoulder areas. Shorts may be worn (mid-thigh length or longer). Sports jerseys may be worn but should be worn over a t-shirt, or longer, if the shoulders are not completely covered.

Visit Officers have discretion over the final decision as to what is appropriate for the visitor.