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Community-Oriented Development

Adapted from the Blueprint Denver:  An Integrated Land Use and Transportation Plan

As cities grow and change so must the vision for those cities. In Denver, growth and employment centers have moved and evolved, forcing us to grow our vision. To ensure a vital and economically sound future for any community, well planned growth strategies must be identified.

Blueprint Denver was adopted in 2002 as a supplement to the Denver Comprehensive Plan 2000.

Blueprint Denver identifies three major themes that guide how, where and why improvements can and should be made and are integral to plans for South Broadway, Arizona to Exposition. These guiding principles are:

  • Areas of Change and Areas of Stability – Management of direct growth to areas of change and preservation of the character in areas of stability
  • Multi-Modal Streets - Improving the functionality of streets as a means to move people; not just cars
  • Mixed-Use Development – Creating and supporting mixed-use development opportunities that offer and accommodate a variety of transportation options

Blueprint Denver identifies the South Broadway study area as an “area of change.”Rezoning of adjacent properties from industrial to transit mixed-use allows for higher densities near transit stations. General Development Plans (GDPs) have been submitted and approved to permit the addition of millions of square feet of residential, office and retail development, demanding that existing transportation infrastructure improvements be made to accommodate anticipated local and regional growth.

Project Contacts

Mike Harmer, Project Manager
Denver Public Works

South Broadway/Mississippi Construction
Hours: 9am–1pm, Monday–Friday