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Street and Sidewalk Permits

Street and Sidewalk (Right-of-way) Permits

Street Occupancy for Block Parties (Request for Street or Alley Closure)

The City & County of Denver must be insured for liability whenever Public Right-of-Way is closed for block parties and similar events. The Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP) is offered as a convenient way to comply with this requirementh

Maintaining the trees and bushes on your property near the sidewalk or overhanging the street may require a permit. See info on getting a Forestry Permit

A permit is required to place a sign on the Right-of-Way.

Temporary Sign: a sandwich board type sign or signs mounted on an “H” type base that may be permitted to be placed in the right-of-way. 
Temporary Sign Permit Requirements 
Temporary Sign Permit Application
Application Directions/Sample

Guide Signs: Signs mounted on separate poles off the right of way.
Guide Sign Permit info

Parking Permits

A residential parking permit exempts a resident’s vehicle from the posted, on-street parking time limit restrictions in the block on which the owner of the vehicle resides. While having a residential parking permit doesn't guarantee you a parking space, it does mean you don't have to worry about time limits when parked on your block.

Read more or apply...

Emergency Truck Parking Hang Tags are issued to companies that have infrastructure in the City and County of Denver Right-of-Way. These permits only allow Emergency Service Trucks to make repairs in the public right-of-way.

Special Parking Hang Tags allow Permittee to park in a Special Zone adjacent to their business. Eligible business include (but aren't limited to) child care, recreation centers, courts and churches.

Truck Loading Hang Tags authorize any commercial licensed and registered truck using a Truck Loading Hang Tag to park in a loading zone according to the terms of that specific loading zone.

Download permit application requirements  or  permit application

Special parking permits are used to restrict parking in certain areas for school zones and not-for-profit car-share vehicles.

See Permit Requirements/Ordinance Details or download a Special Parking Permit Application

Meters may be bagged with "No Parking" bags over the meter heads to keep the street clear of parked cars for construction, special events and filming. Please note, a street occupancy permit must also be obtained for any event that takes place in the street/sidewalks/public right of way.

See Permit Requirements/Ordinance Details (pdf) or download a Meter Bagging Permit Application (pdf).

This permit allows occupancy of an approved off-street area on the public right-of-way for parking of vehicles.

See Permit Requirements/Ordinance Details (pdf) or download Permit Application Requirements and a Sample Proof of Insurance (pdf).

Businesses looking to become a valet parking service, businesses looking to utilize a valet service, or existing valet businesses looking to operate at a new location need a Valet Parking Permit.

Download Valet Permit Parking Permit Application Requirements (pdf)

Required documents:

Need to pay or contest a parking ticket?

Pay a Parking Ticket

You can pay a Denver parking ticket quickly and easily online or in person, and you can pay with cash, check or card.

Contest a Parking Ticket

If you believe you were ticketed in error, you can contest it. Find out more about how to contest a parking ticket in Denver.

Request a Boot Removal

If your car has been booted for outstanding parking fines, the boot cannot be removed until the fines are paid. See more information on boot removal.