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"To be successful, we must stay focused on our collective priorities, and not view technology as something we manage, but rather something with which we have been entrusted.


Headshot of David Edinger

As Denver’s Chief Information Officer, David oversees the city’s Technology Services department of more than 350 employees. David cares about performance, innovation, and customer experience – and how technology can improve everyone’s quality of life. He is excited about the untapped potential in municipal technology and its ability to connect people to information and city services.

After graduating from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, David enjoyed a career in management consulting, private equity, and warehouse logistics before finding his way to municipal government in the city he calls home.

Headshot of Technology Services Deputy CIO, CHris Binnicker


Christine is the Deputy CIO for Technology Services at the City and County of Denver. She is responsible for the operations of the department; more than 300 employees strong and with a budget of over $80 million.  She is passionate about carrying out the department’s strategic plan and helping the city to improve performance by leveraging technology.

She started her career in the private sector working in the Accounting field and quickly transitioned into the Information Technology field. After leading technology organizations in the private sector, she had a brief stint as an IT instructor for Cambridge College before starting with the City and County of Denver in 2000. She worked on the original implementation of the PeopleSoft ERP system and has taken on many roles and projects within Technology Services all leading up to her current position as Deputy CIO.

Chris attended college at the the University of Notre Dame and the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with an Accounting minor.

Headshot of Chad Mitchell

As the Chief Applications Officer for the City and County of Denver, Chad oversees Technology Services’ Applications Division. This team is responsible for the design, delivery, maintenance, and support of software applications and databases across the city.  He focuses on business relationship development and executing against strategic plans to improve municipal service delivery through technology and innovation.

Chad has experience in several industries and an extensive technology background which includes applications, project management, infrastructure, operations, and telecommunications.  He is a United States Army veteran and is very active in his local community.

Headshot of Paul Kresser

Paul Kresser is the City and County of Denver’s first Chief Data Officer (CDO). Kresser leads a talented team dedicated to transforming Denver’s access to and use of data to drive strategy, policy, and operations.

For three years, Paul served as the Chief Performance Management Officer for the City and County of Denver’s Community Planning and Development department. In that role, he drove operational excellence by applying data analytics, process improvement, and performance management principals to the permitting processes and systems supporting Denver’s $4 billion in annual construction activity.

Paul received his Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University and Master of Public Policy at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Before moving to Denver in 2015, Paul served five years as the Director of Administration and Finance for the City of Boston’s Department of Innovation and Technology. In Boston, he was engaged in some of the most pioneering and transformative civic projects in the country.

Headshot of Jenny Schiavone

As Denver’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jenny is responsible for the Denver Marketing Media Services (DMMS) team, which oversees the city’s brand identity, strategic marketing efforts, websites, video production services, Denver 8 TV, as well as cable franchise and public, educational, and government (PEG) access operations.

Jenny leads the city’s global marketing and branding efforts and is working to enhance the customer experience by aligning digital technologies with citywide marketing and communications efforts. Some of her goals for DMMS include creating a uniform identity across all customer-facing channels, connecting marketing efforts to customer experience initiatives, and creating a sustainable model for the future of community access media.

Jenny has more than 15 years of marketing and public relations experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Headshot of Chris Todd

Chris leads the Infrastructure and Operations Division of Technology Services, who together design, build, and maintain the city’s network and computing infrastructure, radio communications, information security, and end-user devices. He is strategically, and performance focused, striving to ensure the city’s technology is reliable, scalable, and sustainable.

Chris’ extensive technical background in telecommunications and Business Management degree from Regis University enables him to meet both technical and business needs of Denver. Chris is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and volunteers at local charity organizations.

Headshot of Laura Dunwoody

Laura Dunwoody is a director and leads the 311 City Service Center. She partners with IT and marketing to develop and execute both short and long term initiatives to improve the services provided to the residents of Denver. Laura is bridging the gap between customer service and tech support, breaking down siloed services, and partners with the marketing team to promote other city services. Laura leverages existing partnerships while developing close relationships with other resident-impacting city agencies to maximize experience delivery.

Laura is originally from New York and started her career on Wall St. in the Brokerage industry.

Headshot of Gary Pasicznyk

Gary oversees many of the technologies used at Denver 911 and the Electronic Engineering Bureau, which supports the radio system for all city radio users along with the mobile computer terminals (MCTs) used in Denver Police Department vehicles. Overseeing systems that must be available 24/7 means Gary and his team strive for reliability. He was part of the team that first installed MCTs in police vehicles and more recently has been managing the transition to an improved facility to house Denver 911, the 911 Technology Services’ support team, and an updated radio system.

Gary became interested in electronics in high school and studied Communication Systems Technology at North Dakota State College of Science before coming to work for the city as a technician in 1995, working his way up to become a director.

Headshot of Robert Bruns

As the Director of Application Development, Robert oversees the incremental, new development, and the connect development teams responsible for handling integration and support for more than 300 applications, like Workday and Salesforce.

To meet the nation's model for delivery of technology in local government, Robert hopes to eliminate the majority of the department's technical debt, allocate the teams work onto Service Now, replace Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), and more. Robert has a great appetite for change and hopes his team continues to come up with innovative ideas that help support our department and other agencies.

Robert has had a keen interest in programming since college, building computers in his dorm room at Georgia Southern University and earning a bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

Headshot of Craig Poley

Craig oversees the Enterprise Modernization and Release Management teams, which work together to support and modernize nearly 300 critical applications for the city. His group includes a full stack of professionals including analysts, developers, architects, database administrators and application administrators. 

Together, these teams work to keep the city running smoothly, continually release upgrades into the environment, and to identify upgrade opportunities for some of the city’s most important applications. Craig and his teams are key contributors to the city’s application rationalization effort, including an intentional focus on platform standardization.

Craig graduated from Colorado State University studying Biology. He was interested in how the internet functioned and began his transition to technology. Craig is a big believer in building a peer accountable culture within his group and strives to do this through trust, teamwork, and innovation.

Headshot of Kevin Anthony

As the Director of Application Planning and Customer Engagement, Kevin oversees the Business Analysis, System Analysis and Quality Assurance teams within Technology Services. He is also responsible for our records management, data privacy and data analysis services provided to our city agencies. Kevin’s teams partner with city agencies to assess technology needs, identify solutions, ensure regulatory compliance, and validate that agency expectations are met. Kevin believes teamwork is essential to achieving good results and strives to continuously strengthen Technology Services’ relationship with city agencies through aligned priorities and shared commitments.

Kevin studied Business Management at Colorado State University and became passionate about computer technology early in his career when he helped to implement a healthcare system at his local hospital.

Headshot of Jennifer Randolph

Jennifer oversees the teams responsible for delivering service desk and desktop support, desktop architecture, mobile device support, and asset management services to over 14,000 City and County of Denver employees. These teams are the primary touchpoint where employees can get help with IT issues, problems, and requests. She focuses on maintaining and building strong teams that are knowledgeable, deliver an exceptional customer experience, and provide reliable support and service.

Jennifer received her degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She started her IT career as a desktop support technician at Public Radio International and worked her way up to the Director of IT. She transitioned to work at Target, where she found a passion for ITSM/ITIL, especially continuous process improvement.

Headshot of Julie Martinez

Julie provides oversight for the city's specialized video creation, television, and digital content delivery experiences. Most recently, Julie partnered with the Chief Marketing Officer to reorganize the city's marketing and media staff and business structures to design a full-service delivery model in support of Denver's robust service offerings and meet the community expectations. Julie also oversees the City of Denver’s Cable Franchise agreements with Comcast and CenturyLink, along with administering Denver's public and educational media access service contracts. Julie is a veteran of managing all aspects of the business, working with industry leaders to improve, create, and innovate.

Attending Regis University and spending over two decades in television, Julie is now working to master delivering exceptional marketing and media service experiences.

Headshot of Andrea Denis

Andrea is the Director of the Program Management Office (PMO) and responsible for project and portfolio management.  She oversees Technology Services’ team of project managers, who are responsible for implementing technology systems and applications. When requests for new technology are approved to move forward, her team facilitates the process of scoping the project, identifying resources to do the work, creating a project schedule, and then managing the work and communicating progress. The strategic focus of the PMO is to develop strong partnerships with our customers and deliver innovative solutions to them.  Andrea is impressed by her colleagues' teamwork, dedication, and passion, which she believes leads to innovation. 

Andrea started her career in government while residing in Florida, eventually becoming the director of the Office of Performance Development for the Department of Revenue. After several years of working in the public sector, she moved to Colorado and worked as a management consultant for Deloitte Consulting. During this time, Andrea worked with many diverse clients on technology projects and in the establishment of PMOs for those clients. She applied this knowledge at consulting firms before taking the PMO Director position at the City and County of Denver in 2011. 

Andrea attended the University of Central Florida earning a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and attended Florida State University and earned a master’s of Science degree in Planning.

Headshot of Sean Greer

Sean Greer is the Director of Service Delivery. His team delivers solutions within the network, server, voice communications, storage, video surveillance, and datacenter domains. These solutions enhance the services provided to customers within the city and ultimately to the residents of Denver. He thrives working with teams to develop innovative solutions to problems that add value to the customer.

Sean received his degree from Colorado State University in Fort Collins. He started his IT career after college while working for a startup. He then spent 12+ years at the Department of Aviation at Denver International Airport where he gained experience leading infrastructure, applications, architecture, and strategy teams.

Headshot of Jim Balogh 

Jim oversees a talented group of professionals that provide operational support for the city’s network, telephony, and compute environments. This includes support for approximately: 1,200 servers, 1,700 printers, 17,000 email accounts, 11,000 phones, 1,000 network devices, 30 call centers, and 240 locations. Also, he holds overall responsibility for Technology Services’ ITSM functions, including CMDB, change, incident, and problem management.

Before coming to the City and County of Denver, Jim was in similar roles within the healthcare and financial service sectors. He studied Telecom Engineering at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Canada. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Management from the University of Phoenix, in addition to multiple industry level certifications.



The Applications team provides solutions that increase efficiency, automate business processes, improve customer service, and meet city business objectives. This includes enterprise-wide applications such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the website, document management, enterprise cashiering, and more.  

The Applications team also provides business area specific applications including review, a permitting and inspection system, legislative information system, jail management system, the tax collection system, etc. Primary activities include business and systems analysis, design, application development, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application configuration, systems integration, quality assurance/testing, application support, business intelligence, reporting, data management, and database maintenance and support. 

The TS Data Team improves city performance by providing the access, framework, tools & expertise required to fully leverage our data and information assets in making informed decisions. They are also involved in smart city initiatives by supporting the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) system. The EDM is the backbone of the initiatives. Other teams included in the Data Team include Information Security and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS).  

The Information Security team monitors and responds to threats and vulnerabilities. This includes monitoring for attacks to our network, responding to computer viruses that may have gotten around our shields, confirming adherence to cloud security requirements, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Denver Marketing and Media Services & 311 combined in mid-2019. The goal of this was to collate the more external, resident facing teams of the Technology Services Department.  

The Denver Marketing Office manages the city's brand identity and works to create and support strategic marketing efforts aimed at promoting the City and County of Denver. The office serves as a resource for all city agencies and departments, advising them on marketing opportunities and best practices; traditional and emerging tools; design and messaging tactics; and helps to facilitate and leverage citywide sponsorship opportunities.  

Media Services operates a television production studio, complete with control rooms, in-studio cameras and remote broadcast capabilities. The team broadcasts city-related television programming such as City Council and Mayoral public hearings and legislative committees, live for viewers interested in Denver politics.  

Denver 311 is the non-emergency contact center for all things related to navigation of CCD services. They provide residents with an effortless, accessible way to navigate city services. Our contact center staff demonstrate unparalleled customer service values, are leaders in innovative problem-solving and deliver an unprecedented commitment to assist. 

The Operations team has adopted a Plan, Build, Run organizational model. The Service Delivery team is responsible for planning and building and is involved in designing and implementing any new systems brought online. The Service Operations Team is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and enhancements of these systems once they are in a production state. This team also provides Computer-Aided/Digital Dispatch, Software Defined Radio, Digital modulation, and IP based infrastructure to our 911 communication center and first responders.

The PMO (Program Management Office) exists to serve the city’s departments and agencies by delivering citywide project support to the departments and agencies, and their clients by establishing policies, procedures, financial tracking, and standardized methodologies for the efficient and successful delivery of approved projects. The PMO also has the department's administration team, which oversees and manages internal office policies and procedures.