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Teaser: Byte-Size Tech Tales

Byte-Size Tech Tales is a monthly podcast featuring stories about the technology revolutionizing the City of Denver. Join Technology Services' interns in discovering how technology is transforming local government through the perspectives of city employees and IT experts.


Transcription of "Byte-Size Tech Tales Teaser"

Dil: How do you want to introduce ourselves?

Ben: Not sure we should both say hello since there is two of us, maybe say hello in different ways,

Dil: I mean there's so many different languages you can say hello in, so for sure,

Ben: We’ll keep them guessing.

Ben: Hello,

Dil: Hola, welcome to Byte-Size Tech Tales, a podcast telling the impactful human stories of how Innovative technology revolutionizes a local government. Yeah really big words there.

Ben: Nice. So, who is going to be the host for this new podcast Dil?

Dil: I’m Dil I'm co-host of the Byte-Sized Tech Tales podcast and I've been with the city for almost a year.

Ben: Would you call yourself a tech expert per say?

Dil: Not at all, I don't have a technology background, so I've actually got no clue what goes into planning and creating and executing technology but that's what I hope to learn from this podcast that's my goal to learn how our city has implemented tech and ways it empowered our customers and change their lives.

Ben: So, your saying we’ll learn along with the people about new technology and it'll be just a great learning experience for all of us.

Dil: Yes absolutely, Ben who is the other co-host of this podcast?

Ben: If you didn't know by now I am Ben, the other co-host of Byte-Sized Tech Tales and I’ve been working with the City of Denver government for about 6 months now also in their technology department.

Dil: So, would you say you're a tech expert?

Ben: I am not, I do not have a tech background and although we are both Millennials and some of the youngest in the office who use technology all day long, there's still a lot that I don't understand about technology and have no clue about, like if there's an issue with your computer I might just say to turn it off and turn on again because that’s all I know how to solve but there's a lot more out there.

Dil: And technology is more than rebooting your computer and clearing your cache. I think we learned that pretty pretty early on. Ben, we don't have technology backgrounds so how are we exactly qualify to be hosting this?

Ben: We don't we’re two communication connoisseurs as you could say, and we are just looking to not do this alone, we are going to bring in other people who can tell the story and help us explain and learn about some of those different technology aspects and innovations that we don't know about.

Dil: Nice, to make that more Byte-sized we are here to share those stories in a very simplified way so please tune in monthly to hear perspectives from people around the Denver area whose lives have truly been changed by new tech, new tech that our department has rolled out, maybe technology that has already existed that our department has helped others with. But we're basically here to talk about our technology department in Denver and how it's really impacted our our our city.

Ben: Exciting I think not everyone would know that governments can have cool Innovative technology and it's not just Apple who are the ones rolling out new technology.

Dil: Yeah local government is also revolutionizing technology, so we're here to share those stories and are excited we've got some great great people in mind to talk to so stay tuned for more information.