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Traffic Improvements

Denver Public Works is always evaluating and improving transportation in Denver. Our most current project is the conversion of 18th Street. 

18th Street Conversion (Blake to Wazee Streets)

In January of 2013, the City of Denver prioritized the effort to re-examine the efficiency and usability of the transportation network in Lower Downtown. With the many and varied changes taking place in this vibrant area, including the pending completion of the Denver Union Station project, a significant increase in residential living and Denver’s growing multi modal transportation options, the time for actualizing improvements to the transportation network in LoDo is here. 

As a result of this effort, which included in depth study, professional observations and stakeholder meetings, Public Works experts in planning, traffic engineering and traffic operations have recommended that 18th Street between Wynkoop Street and Blake Street (a two block stretch) should be converted from one-way traffic to two-way traffic, and Public Works Manager Jose Cornejo has decided to move this conversion forward for implementation in 2014.