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Southeast Mobility Hubs Study

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The Southeast Denver Mobility Hubs Study focuses on three RTD light rail stations and the surrounding communities: Yale, Southmoor, and Belleview. The purpose of the study is to envision the transformation of these stations into Mobility Hubs. Mobility Hubs are more than just transit stops. They are community focal points that seamlessly integrate various transportation modes, provide supportive multimodal infrastructure, and utilize placemaking strategies to create activity centers that maximize first and last mile connections and increase the reach of transit. Mobility Hubs can vary in size, programming, and design depending on the specific context and function of each location.

The outcome of the Southeast Denver Mobility Hubs Study will be a strategic action plan that aims to energize the three stations and enhance the connectivity between activity centers within the one-mile areas of influence. This effort will require an evaluation of the existing transportation infrastructure as well as an understanding of the station area communities and land use. Community and stakeholder engagement will play a key role throughout the planning process.

Project phases Dates
Project startupĀ  June 2020
Existing conditions September 2020
Analysis and recommendations December 2020-March 2021
Documentation July 2021

Community engagement, project information and communications will be ongoing. There will be a community touchpoint in the fall of 2020 and in the spring of 2021.

Graphic of project timelines
Project Partners
Study Area Map
Map showing southeast RTD corridor with Yale, Southmoor and Belleview stations