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Transit-Oriented Development Continuum


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Since Denver stations do not fit into a one-size-fits-all category, this plan sets out to establish a stronger understanding of the variables currently impacting station areas and to formulate an updated TOD action plan.

The project team developed a methodology to evaluate TOD readiness which helped categorize stations into three logical groupings with similar challenges and opportunities for TOD. Even though each station in the evaluation lands in a specific group, the status of each station is not considered static, instead, each station should be perceived to be on a TOD development continuum. Each group of stations has a tool kit to guide planning, policy, and infrastructure decisions and each station receives specific action items to advance development at stations. The intention of each set of station recommendations is to be actively moving the station forward on the continuum.


The TOD continuum is a tool that provides a quick snapshot of the current potential for development at stations and monitor outcomes of future action items. The stations are grouped, based on the station evaluation results, into the three continuum categories: Strategize, Catalyze and Energize.

See the TOD Strategic plan (PDF) for more on the methodology for categorizing each station. 

Stations that are still in pre-development planning phases either because the rail line is not complete or due to market or development factors that make TOD unlikely in the near term. Station areas with low market potential in the near term and current conditions indicate low development readiness. Planning is needed to guide future investment and infrastructure projects in these stations. For additional information on Strategize stations, see TOD Strategic Plan (PDF).





Map showing station scoring for strategize stations

Station areas with above average market conditions for TOD, but with a need for specific infrastructure or amenity improvements to achieve the desired type of development. Catalytic infrastructure and amenity investments are needed, and should yield the sought-after TOD results. For additional information on Catalyze stations, see TOD Strategic Plan (PDF).


  • Multi-modal street reconstruction
  • Last mile improvements (e.g. bicycle/pedestrian paths and bridges)
  • Storm water drainage improvements
  • Parking structures
  • Parkland improvements or creation


Map showing station scoring for catalyze stations

Station areas where there are above average market conditions for TOD and no significant development or infrastructure deficiencies impeding TOD from occurring. These station areas typically need more targeted, short term actions to achieve intensified TOD activity. There is not a set toolkit for these stations as the action items are tailored to the unique characteristics and opportunities of the specific station. For additional information on Energize stations, see TOD Strategic Plan (pdf).



map showing station scoring for energize stations