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TOD Principles

The following TOD principles establish a base line for Denver neighborhoods to envision and plan for great transit communities.


Entry Point– access to the regional economy
First/Last Mile– walk, bike, bus to the station
Access to All– connect to new and existing neighborhoods
Sustainable– economic, social,      environmental
Equitable– opportunities for all
Global Economy– compete on the world stage
Location– one place to live, work, and play decreases need for regional trips
Shared Resources– reduce cost of infrastructure per household
Balance– jobs and homes nearby reduce travel times and long commutes
Active– promote safety and visual interest
Vibrant– bring together people and activities 
Destination– public life happens in the streets and open space
Choice– housing, jobs, shopping, transit options
Diversity– mix of incomes and age groups
Resilient– stands up through changing economic conditions
Car Free/Car Lite– becoming non/less car dependant for most trips
Public Space– more room for pedestrians and bikes, less for cars
Reduce and Energize– carbon emissions go down, healthy living goes up