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TOD Principles

The following TOD principles establish a base line for Denver neighborhoods to envision and plan for great transit communities.


Entry Point: access to the regional economy
First/Last Mile: walk, bike, bus to the station
Access to All: connect to new and existing neighborhoods


Sustainable: economic, social, environmental
Equitable: opportunities for all
Global Economy: compete on the world stage


Location: one place to live, work, and play decreases need for regional trips
Shared Resources: reduce cost of infrastructure per household
Balance: jobs and homes nearby reduce travel times and long commutes


Active: promote safety and visual interest
Vibrant: bring together people and activities
Destination: public life happens in the streets and open space


Choice: housing, jobs, shopping, transit options
Diversity: mix of incomes and age groups
Resilient: stands up through changing economic conditions


Car Free/Car Lite–: becoming non/less car dependant for most trips
Public Space: more room for pedestrians and bikes, less for cars
Reduce and Energize: carbon emissions go down, healthy living goes up