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How to Use the TOD Strategic Plan

Denver’s TOD Strategic Plan provides a foundation to guide public and private investment at rail stations. Residents, business owners, builders, and public employees can use this strategic framework to eliminate or reduce barriers to TOD, create realistic financing plans, and direct growth and investment to rail stations with the best opportunity for development in the next 5 to 6 years.

For the complete User's Guide, see Transit Oriented Denver and You (PDF) in the TOD Strategic Plan.

The TOD Strategic Plan contains both city-wide, high-level policy recommendations and on the ground, station-level action items with the intent to foster implementation of TOD at rail stations and support the development of transit communities in Denver. As a strategic plan, this document is intended to facilitate the implementation of existing recommendations and projects identified in adopted city plans, including Comprehensive Plan 2000, Blueprint Denver, neighborhood plans, and station area plans.

  • Residents and business owners
    Residents and business owners in Denver can use the TOD Strategic Plan as a guide for making real estate decisions, renovating property, or opening a store. The vision for individual station areas can be found in the appropriate adopted station area plan with the strategic plan containing additional information regarding city-led investments and implementation activity.
  • Developers and builders
    Developers or builders in Denver can use the TOD Strategic Plan to get information on the City’s TOD focus areas, identify properties for new development, and take advantage of city investments in station areas. Developers and builders take on the critical responsibility of constructing office, retail, and a mix of housing options within station areas necessary to increase the walkable, urban nature of the city and reconnect all of Denver’s neighborhoods together.
  • Public Employees
    Public employees should use the TOD Strategic Plan to establish a city-wide TOD implementation work program, direct city funds efficiently to the most opportunistic areas, determine the projects that offer the maximum return on public investment, and pursue funding for key infrastructure projects. City plans provide the vision for station areas, while the TOD Strategic Plan is intended to assist in implementing that vision.