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Welton/Downing Corridor Stations

illustration representing walk shed around Welton-Downing Corridor Stations

The Welton Corridor Stations are on the Central Light Rail Corridor, which opened 1994 and was Denver's first light rail Line. These stations connect the historic Five Points Neighborhood with Downtown and the rest of the light rail system. The corridor will extend into Downing, connecting the existing downtown light rail service with the planned 38th & Blake Station on the East corridor.

The stations along the Welton/Downing Corridor are a mix of Downtown and General Urban station types

On the TOD Continuum, the Welton/Downing Corridor stations are Catalyze stations.

Station Area Planning

A list of the planning documents that apply to the station areas along the Welton/Downing Corridor:


  • 20th Street / Welton Station 
  • 25th Street / Welton Station 
  • 27th Street / Welton Station 
  • 30th Avenue / Downing Station 
  • 33rd Avenue / Downing Station (planned)
  • 35th Avenue / Downing Station (planned)