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Capital Projects Submittal Requirements & Guidance Documents

  • Plan submittals for Capital Projects are reviewed by Engineering, Regulatory, Analytics (ERA)
  • Engineering, Regulatory, Analytics Office Procedure Document - The Public Works Engineering, Regulatory, Analytics (ERA) has refined the existing process for submitting Capital Project documents for internal/external review. To assist Project Managers in obtaining Public Works sign off sheet signatures, the ERA office will assist in document login, distribution and tracking of Project documents via the existing Denver ROW intake group. All plan submittals that go through ERA must be submitted in accordance with this document.
  • Capital Project Engineering Plan (CPEP) Review Submittal Checklist  - This document outlines the minimum requirements for all capital projects plan submittals.
  • FTP Upload  – Use this FTP site to upload large files from consultants or outside agencies for CPEP Reviews.  Make sure to check “FTP Upload” on the Plan Review Distribution Worksheet.  To Login enter: PWDIST  Password: DenverPW#1



Please reference the following links for proper submittal procedures and for information on As-Built requirements. 

  • Section 208 Erosion Control Specification provides submittal requirements and guidance for obtaining an erosion control permit for capital projects. Plans and narrative must be prepared in accordance with the City & County of Denver's Erosion Control Requirements
  • Construction Activities Stormwater Manual (CASM). This guidance document identifies current requirements for the submittal of Construction Activities Stormwater Management Plans (SWMP) for development and significant redevelopment in the City and County of Denver. These plans are required as the supporting documentation for issuance of the Construction Activities Stormwater Discharge Permit (CASDP) which is required for construction sites defined under Section 2 of this document.

  • Please note that all projects (capital projects & private development) located in the floodplain are required to obtain a floodplain permit. See the floodplain permit entrance requirements. Applications and submittals go through the SUDP process and must be submitted electronically.  Submission information can be found at the Development Services SUDP page.
  • To determine if a project is located in a floodplain go to the Denver GIS Floodplain Map and search an address or click on the map for basic floodplain information.  More detailed floodplain information such as Base Flood Elevations (BFEs) or flood profiles can be obtained from FEMA’s Map Service Center.
  • Floodplain questions can be directed to the City & County of Denver's Floodplain Management Group at or 720-865-3215.