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Supporting documentation

PWPT-120.0 — Transit Amenity Program

Annual permit information

The objective of the transit amenity program is to improve the city’s streetscape and improve existing bus stop amenities. It permits private vendors to install new advertising shelters, kiosks and city standard benches at bus stops. 

Less appealing advertising benches will be removed when other amenities are available for those locations. For each shelter and kiosk a vendor installs, they will be required to install a certain number of city standard benches at different bus stop locations. 

Source/Authority: Ordinance No. 466, Series of 2001 authorizes bus shelters and kiosks bearing advertising in the public right of way, adopted by council in June 2001. 

Rules and Regulations for Bus Bench, Shelter and Kiosk Permitting

Permits are required of any vendor and/or organization that installs an amenity at a bus stop (this includes RTD). These are annual, revocable permits. No city funding is needed for this program. Private vendors fund the purchase of the amenities as well as site improvements, including concrete pads at the stop if no pad exists, and regular maintenance.

If you observe problems regarding damage or maintenance of transit amenity facilities, please call 720-91-FIXIT