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Standards, Details, Manuals, Plans & Studies

Last updated: SEPTEMBER 2019

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Transportation Standards and Details for the Engineering Division

Memo: October 2018 - Standard Sandstone Thickness Waiver

PWES-002.0 Streetscape Design Manual   1/1/1993
PWES-004.0 Water Quality Management Plan   1/1/2004
PWES-005.1 Storm Drainage Design & Technical Criteria   11/1/2013
PWES-006.0 Sanitary Sewer Design Technical Criteria Manual   3/1/2008
PWES-007.0 Construction Activities Stormwater Manual   6/1/2010
PWES-008.0 Aesthetically Enhanced Detention and Water Quality Ponds   9/1/2010
PWES-009.1 Transportation Design Signal, Sign & Marking Standards   3/7/2019
PWES-010.0 Wastewater Capital Projects Standard Construction Specifications
PDF Portfolio - requires Adobe Acrobat; right-click to download 
PWES-011.1 Wastewater Management Standard Detail Drawings   8/1/2015
PWES-012.2 Street Lighting Design Guidelines & Details   9/19/2019
PWES-013.0 Ultra Urban Green Infrastructure Guide   3/1/2016
PWES-014.0 Bikeway Design Guidelines   6/1/2016
PWES-015.0 Uncontrolled Pedestrian Crossing Guidelines   9/1/2016
PWES-016.1 Small Cell Infrastructure Design Guidelines   5/31/2019