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"Doing The Right Thing" All In A Day's Work For DPW Employees

Equipment Operators Richard Maciel and Mike Mascarenas had just finished eating their lunch on Friday, October 11 before resuming their route for the Denver Public Works Wastewater Management Division.

That’s when they saw smoke.

A house on S. Decatur Street was on fire, so Richard and Mike immediately called 911.  First on the scene, they began pounding on doors and windows to see if anyone was inside the home.  After getting no response, Mike kicked in the front door and was met with blinding smoke.

Richard and Mike used the jet hose from their Wastewater truck and began to extinguish the fire through the front door as firefighters arrived.  A dog and two cats were saved from the home.  Thankfully, nobody was injured in the fire.

“We didn’t do this for recognition,” said Richard.  “We did it just in case someone was in the house – to save someone’s life.  It’s a serious thing, so we just did what was right.”

“Doing the right thing when nobody is looking,” Mike added.  “That’s the key to it.  Doing the right thing.”

DPW would like to acknowledge Richard and Mike for going above and beyond the call of duty in responding to the fire.

photo of DPW equipment operators Richard Maciel and Mike Mascarenas