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Denver Bike Map


Check out the 2019 edition of Denver's bike map! Find citywide bike infrastructure, regional trail connections, transit stop locations, bike share and bike repair stations to help plan your next ride.

Printed versions of the map will be available for FREE at the following locations:


bike map of Denver


Mobile Maps

Google Maps has bicycle route data for the Denver area. Click the menu icon next to the search bar to turn on the "Bicycling” layer. Dedicated trails and bike paths are dark green, and roads with bike lanes or sharrows are shown as a brighter green. Paths with dashed lines are "bicycle-friendly" but may not have dedicated lanes.


RTD Bike-n-Ride

Combining bikes with transit makes it even easier to get around! It's a healthy, economical and environmentally friendly way to commute to work, school or recreational activities.

More information from RTD on station bike lockers and transporting your bike on the bus and light rail systems


Detours & Closures

Bike lanes, roads and trails may be closed for construction, weather, permitted events or emergencies. Always be aware of your surrounding and follow all posted signage.