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Denver offers more than 100 miles of off-street multi-use trails within the City, maintained by Denver Parks and Recreation. Most trails follow Denver’s urban waterways offering safe and scenic routes through various neighborhoods. These trails supplement the on-street bicycle routes throughout the city and provide recreational opportunities for walking, running, cycling, and skating.

South Platte River Trail

Regional Trails

These trails extend beyond the Denver City Limits and were designed to serve and connect the greater metro area to Denver’s urban core.

Regional Trail Map (PDF)

Snow Removal

Off-Street Bicycle Trails

Denver Parks and Recreation maintains the City’s network of off-street bicycle trails. Any snow accumulation on a trail greater than one inch will be plowed to the channel side (or down slope side) within 12 hours of the end of a snow fall event. Snow that can’t be accessed by machine will be removed manually. Ice accumulation on the trail will be treated with environmentally safe chemical products.

Tips for biking safely in winter weather