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Neighborhood Bikeway Traffic Management Study


W 35th Avenue

In 2015, feasibility studies of W 35th Avenue and Garfield Street identified each corridor as ideal candidates for becoming Neighborhood Bikeways (NBWs). Neighborhood Bikeways are roadways that are designed to provide a comfortable and attractive bicycling environment in shared street conditions. The results of these studies recommended techniques to prioritize comfort and safety for people bicycling along each corridor.

While the bicycle and pedestrian improvements recommended in these studies have entered the design process, comments received during the public comment process yielded concerns about vehicle speeds and a lack of stop sign compliance from both motorists and bicyclists. To address these concerns, Denver Public Works is updating policies and procedures for Neighborhood Traffic Management Strategies and is introducing new traffic calming strategies, including traffic circles, chokers, and chicanes. As part of the process for developing NBWs, this study will identify how these new strategies might be used along each corridor and develop criteria to determine which treatments are most effective for specific locations.

Evaluation Project

Based on the previously completed neighborhood bikeway feasibility studies, this study has identified segments of the W 35th Avenue corridor for testing neighborhood traffic circles:

  • at Raleigh Street
  • at Newton Street
  • at Julian Street

The temporary installations will involve low cost designs that will allow the city to monitor and evaluate how the treatments affect traffic. Materials used include flexible rubber curbing, signage and striping to delineate the traffic circles and travel patterns. The city will collect traffic data, field observations and information to evaluate performance of the traffic circles.  Based on the results of the evaluation, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure will provide recommendations including criteria for selecting traffic circles for use on future neighborhood bikeway projects.


These traffic circles will be installed in August 2018. Residents and stakeholders will receive two surveys, one before and one after the installation of the traffic circles to gather opinions and observations.

  • Summary Evaluation (PDF) — This summary report presents early findings on the performance of the circles, with data from the surveys after one month of operation 

These temporary traffic circles will remain in place through WInter 2018-19 to gain a better understanding of how to best maintain and manage snow removal.

Project Status: Study

This study will develop demonstration projects to evaluate traffic management strategies along two prospective Neighborhood Bikeways in Denver.

Example of traffic circle

Traffic circles slow vehicles at intersections