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Planning For Bikes


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Why invest in bicycling? 

Bicycles provide a travel option that is convenient, affordable, has health benefits, and helps ease congestion. These are all elements that are part of the community’s vision for a healthier and more vibrant city. By building out Denver’s bicycle network and creating a comfortable space for people to ride, Denver is helping to realize this vision.

Who are we planning for? 

To achieve our multimodal goals, our bikeways must meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities who want to bicycle. 

Many people in the Denver region (16%) feel confident riding their bicycle on our streets in Denver today. However, the majority of Denverites (almost 60%) are “interested but concerned” bicyclists. These residents would like to bicycle, but only will when it is safer and more convenient to do so.  


4 percent are highly confident, 12 percent are somewhat confident, 59 percent are interested but concerned 


What type of bikeways will we install?

To ensure our bikeways are comfortable and safe for people of all ages and abilities, we are installing more Protected Bike Lanes and Neighborhood Bikeways on our streets. We consider these bikeways to be “high comfort,” since they are designed to serve the needs of people who currently feel unsafe riding on our streets. 

We will also continue to install bike lanes and buffered bike lanes to make our network as connected as possible. 


Protected bike lanes are dedicated bikeways on streets that have both a horizontal and vertical buffer between a person bicycling and motor vehicles. 


Neighborhood Bikeways are low-stress, low volume streets that prioritize pedestrian and bicycle movement. 
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How are we going to accomplish the community's goals?

Denver residents decided on a vision for the City’s complete bikeway network in 2011 (Denver Moves: Bikes), and confirmed that vision in 2016. These plans outline where and what types of bikeways Denver should install to create a complete, connected, safe, and comfortable bikeway system in Denver.

We have three primary strategies for choosing when to install bikeways from these plans.


Build out Denver’s bikeway network by concentrating investment in one area at a time.



Install bikeways to provide critical connections within and between network areas.


Coordinated with Paving

Coordinate the striping of bike lanes with street paving operations to install facilities efficiently.