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District Management Office

In 2001 , City Council approved the creation of the District Management Office within Denver's Department of Transportation & Infrastructure. Currently there are 145 Special Districts within the City and County of Denver, ranging from City Charter districts to State Statute districts.

Overview of office responsibilities

  • Serve as the City representative in all new district formations
  • Act as liaison for the City with all currently formed special districts.  
  • Coordinate the ongoing activities with all currently formed special districts.
  • Represent City interests in District financing.  
  • Implement the Gateway Area Impact Fee Ordinance.  
  • Participate in planning pre-application meetings for properties in the Gateway and other districts.  
  • Lead the negotiation process for subsequent proposed Intergovernmental Agreements in the Gateway Area, Stapleton and other district areas.  
  • Monitor the Gateway District System Development Fees. Report payments to the District and distribute fees according to the Regional Facilities Agreement.