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West Colfax & Villa Park NTMP — 2020


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The West Colfax and Villa Park neighborhoods were selected as the next two neighborhoods to go through the NTMP Action Plan collaboration process. The West Colfax and Villa Park neighborhoods are just west of downtown Denver, spanning from Federal Blvd to the east, Sheridan Blvd to the west, 17th Ave/19th Ave to the north, and 6th Ave to the south.

The West Colfax and Villa Park NTMP will be coordinated with City and County of Denver mobility projects underway in the neighborhoods, including multimodal improvements as part of the city's bike implementation program, and the West Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI).


The West Colfax and Villa Park Action Plan will:

  • Identify and deliver specific, near-term transportation and mobility enhancement projects;
  • Identify and deliver operational improvements such as 4-way stops, daylighting intersections by pulling parking back from the intersection, installing crosswalks, installing signage; and,
  • Identify longer term actions that can be delivered through future projects.

The NTMP will collect and gather community feedback and ideas on neighborhood transportation priorities, issues, and enhancements which will inform the neighborhood-scale projects.


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  • January 2020 – Project launch
  • February-April 2020 – Neighborhood Survey #1 and Existing Conditions Analysis
  • Late May 2020 - First Virtual Public Outreach 
  • July-August 2020 – Neighborhood Survey #2 and Initial Project Recommendations
  • September 2020 – Second Public Open House
  • Fall 2020 – Document process and proposed projects in NTMP Action Plan
  • Winter 2020-Summer 2021 – Implementation of operational and near-term projects