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Information for Residents & Property Owners in Region 1

Inspections began in August 2018 in Section 1, beginning in the central/western neighborhoods. 

If your sidewalk is determined to be in need of repairs, you will receive a notice outlining the required repairs as well as an estimate for the cost to have the city's contractor do the work.

A copy of the notice will be mailed to the registered property owner's address, even if the address is out of the region or out of state.

All information from the notice, as well as photos from the inspection, will be available online on our customer portal. Sidewalk sections that require repairs will be easy to identify as they will be marked with white paint.

Sidewalk sections that require repairs will be easy to identify as they will be marked with white paint. If you received a notice, you can also view an online copy of the notice with photos of the damaged areas.

Notices & Inspections

Current Inspection Area

Summer 2019: Between Sherman and Downing, from Alameda to Speer

Inspections will be year-round, weather permitting.  


If you received a notice and would like the city to make repairs to your sidewalk, please fill out the confirmation form:



Current Repair Areas

Summer 2019: Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is scheduling repairs in Section 1 of Region 1 and work is underway in the western part of Region 1, Section 1 between Sherman and Downing, from Alameda to Speer.

What to expect once work has been scheduled on your block:

  • A few days before the scheduled repair date, a flyer will be placed at your property informing you of the dates.
  • No Parking Signs will be placed 24 hours in advance of the scheduled repairs.

What to expect during and after construction:

  • The sidewalk in front of your property will be closed on your scheduled repair date. If concrete is replaced as part of your repairs, the sidewalk will be closed an additional day to allow for curing.
  • Clean up around the work area and restoration of landscaping will be scheduled after repairs have been completed.

Invoices will be sent after construction is completed and has been inspected, with instructions on how to pay for repairs.


Region 1 Neighborhoods

  • North Capitol Hill
  • Capitol Hill
  • Speer (West Wash Park)
  • Cheesman Park
  • Country Club
  • City Park
  • Congress Park
  • Cherry Creek

Meeting Materials

Thanks to Councilman New, Councilman Kashmann, the Denver Botanic Gardens and everyone who attended the Public Meeting on August 11.

Review the presentation (PDF)