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East 16th Avenue Storm Interceptor


The East 16th Avenue Storm Interceptor project area is located in Montclair Basin (Basin 4500-03) of the City and County of Denver Storm Drainage Master Plan. There are existing storm sewers in East 16th Avenue and Batavia Place which are currently undersized to convey the stormwater resulting in frequent and significant flooding of the neighborhood area. The goal of this project is to work with hydrology developed by the Outfall Systems Plan (OSP) team to size, design, and construct a new storm main line to safely transport the flows from existing systems in Colfax Avenue and East 16th Avenue towards City Park, while picking up the local flows along the way.

Project Schedule

A phased construction approach is anticipated for this project. Construction will begin with Phase I, starting at the downstream end near N. Jackson Street and East 17th Avenue with a connection to an existing storm outfall into City Park pond.

  • Phase I will consist of the connection to the existing outfall, boring a new pipe under Colorado Boulevard, and will extend as far upstream as funding allows.
  • Phase 2 will pick up where Phase I ends and will extend up to Glencoe Street, tying into the existing 54'' storm main, or further if funding allows.

Project schedule from 2018 to 2021

Project Status: Design

This project is currently in the design phase, which is expected to continue through final plan development in mid 2020. Construction dates would be determined following the final design.

This public meeting focused on the alignment evaluation of this future pipe, and include information on green infrastructure possibilities explored in the Upper Montclair Stormwater Study.

Presentation (PDF)

Meeting notes (PDF)


Lauren Winnen, P.E., Engineer
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure