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Cherry Creek South Drive Corridor


Cherry Creek South Drive - Phase III

Denver Public Works has completed construction on the third and final half-mile segment of Cherry Creek South Drive, completing the vision for the corridor that began in 2000.

The project improves public safety and provide an enhanced experience for all modes of travel with improved access to the Cherry Creek Trail. The project area extended from 600 feet west of Steele Street to previously completed sections west of Garfield Street and included improvements to two intersections along Cherry Creek South Drive at Alameda Avenue and Steele Street. 


Cherry Creek South Drive



  • Reconstruction of an approximately one-half mile section of Cherry Creek South Drive from 600 feet west of Steele Street to 500 feet east of Alameda Avenue, with new on-street parking, concrete pavement, curb, gutter and sidewalk
  • New landscaping and irrigation improvements along the north side adjacent to the bank of Cherry Creek and the south side adjacent to Cherry Creek Tower
  • New raised landscaped medians located west of Cherry Creek Tower
  • Upgraded street lighting and urban design features
  • New concrete sidewalk on both sides, connecting with the newly constructed sections completed during previous project phases.
  • New pedestrian/bike curb ramps
  • Pedestrian safety refuge islands at two new crossings (at the west end of the Cherry Creek Tower parking lot and at Alameda Avenue) and one existing crossing (Steele Street pedestrian bridge)
  • New striping and raised concrete medians for protected left-turn pockets at the existing turn lane onto Steele Street and a new turn lane into Cherry Creek Towers
  • Installation of a new traffic signal at Alameda, including pedestrian crossing features

Previous Phase III Updates

Public meeting — Tuesday, February 24
Central Christian Church

City staff are working with the design consultant team, lead by Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc. (SEH), to address the numerous challenges and potential impacts of the remaining Phase III portion of the corridor. The design work includes a number of elements needed to complete the vision for a consistent and enhanced Cherry Creek South Drive corridor, including concrete pavement, curb, gutter and sidewalk, landscaping and irrigation, utilities, street lighting (referred to as base project improvements), amenities and a new signalized intersection at the Cherry Creek South Drive and Alameda Intersection.

The project team met with representatives from adjacent properties to discuss the project and received valuable input from these stakeholders.  This input and information developed through numerous site visits and technical analysis is being used to complete a design solution that complements Phases I and II and balances the various needs in the corridor.  The design work will continue through Spring 2014.

Currently there is no construction funding identified for the project.  However, completing the Phase III design at the 90% level will position the project to pursue funding for implementation. The 90% level of design and cost estimating will focus on the base project improvements within the section needed to complete a consistent corridor that aligns with improvements from the Phase I and Phase II projects. Design elements and amenities outside the footprint of the base project improvements and still within the City’s right-of-way will be developed after construction funding has been identified and the project is ready to move into implementation.

Project Status: Completed

Design for the third and final segment of Cherry Creek South Drive was completed in 2016.  Construction began in May 2017 and was substantially completed in November 2017, with landscaping and other work finalized in Spring 2018.