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2020 Project Archive

See highlights from projects completed by Department of Transportation and Infrastructure in 2020. For information on projects completed prior to 2016, please contact the DOTI Public Information Office.

15th & 17th Street Multimodal Improvements

Changes were made on 15th & 17th Streets to better organize the roadway so that people who walk or roll, bike, take transit, and drive have dedicated space to travel safely and more predictably. The improvements have increased the comfort, safety, and convenience of walking or rolling, biking, and transit as travel options:

  • Dedicated transit lanes on 15th Street from Court Place to Larimer Street and on 17th Street from Market Street to Broadway
  • High visibility crosswalks
  • Bikeway improvements on 15th Street

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38th & Holly Detention Pond Improvements

The City and County of Denver made improvements to the existing 38th & Holly Detention Pond. During small and larger storm events, water collects in Holly Street at depths up to approximately 1.5 feet. The water then overtops the pond embankment along Holly Street to enter the pond and causes severe erosion to the embankment, creating on-going maintenance concerns and repairs.

The project constructed a new rundown to prevent future erosion, provide stormwater quality, and significantly re-landscape the detention pond and plant trees for pedestrian shade. The project now safely directs stormwater into the detention pond while improving the water quality and the aesthetics for the surrounding neighborhood.

Construction began in Fall 2018 and was completed in April 2020.

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Brighton Boulevard Corridor

The Brighton Boulevard Redevelopment Project designed and constructed critical public infrastructure (e.g. cycle track, sidewalks, curb/gutter, on-street parking and more) on Brighton Boulevard, helping establish Brighton Boulevard as a gateway to Denver. 

The Brighton Boulevard Redevelopment Project is one of six projects under the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC), a coordinated effort created by Mayor Michael B. Hancock to strategically align planning among converging projects in Denver’s Globeville, Elyria, Swansea and River North neighborhoods.

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artist rendering of cyclists and new trees along Brighton Boulevard 

Exposition Avenue & S. Fillmore Street Storm Drain

The Exposition and Fillmore Storm Drain reduces localized flooding problems in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood. Denver’s 2014 Storm Drainage Master Plan identified the need for a storm drain at this location due to the significant amount of storm water that flows on neighborhood streets before entering the existing storm system in Exposition Avenue.

Construction was completed April 30, 2020.

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Sanderson Gulch

The Sanderson Gulch stormwater project improved the drainage system between Lipan Street and the South Platte River. Construction of the new, higher-capacity drainage system consists of underground, large-capacity stormwater box culverts (large pipes) to manage high-water flows during large storm events. The culvert system is combined with a naturalized, open-channel on the surface (between the railroad tracks and Platte River Drive) designed to convey and filter base flows and runoff from smaller storms and improve drainageway habitat.

Construction began in February 2018 and was completed in December 2019.

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