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15th & 17th Street Multimodal Improvements

Changes were made on 15th & 17th Streets to better organize the roadway so that people who walk or roll, bike, take transit, and drive have dedicated space to travel safely and more predictably. The improvements have increased the comfort, safety, and convenience of walking or rolling, biking, and transit as travel options, especially for those who depend on those options as their primary mode of travel.


Dedicated Transit Lanes

Exclusive travel lanes for transit buses were installed on 15th Street from Court Place to Larimer Street and on 17th Street from Market Street to Broadway. Special markings indicate where drivers will be able enter the transit lane to make right turns. The transit lanes have increased reliability for the fifteen bus routes that use these streets and provide a quicker trip. During the busiest times of day nearly sixty buses travel on 15th and 17th Streets per hour.

High Visibility Crosswalks

Highly visible crosswalk markings were installed at intersections on 15th & 17th Streets to increase visibility of pedestrians crossing the streets and clarify the crossing area.

15th Street Bikeway Improvements

New vertical separation was installed between the bike lane and the travel lane on 15th Street to better protect people on bicycles from moving traffic. Additionally, the current “mixing zones” where people on bicycles mix with drivers making left turns has been removed. This minimizes conflicts between people driving and people on bicycles and provide greater predictability on the roadway.

Benefits for Each Travel Mode


  • Higher visibility of crosswalks
  • Reduced speed of left-turning vehicles


  • Faster travel time for the fifteen bus routes using 15th & 17th
  • Reduced delay
  • Increased reliability

Bicycles & Scooters

  • Increased separation from moving traffic
  • Safer interactions with turning vehicles


  • Increased predictability
  • Safer interactions with bikes when making turns

illustration of new roadway configuration on 15th street, with bike lane, two travel lanes, and wide bus lane 


Ride Left

Drive Right

of the Box

The 15th Street bikeway redesign is a new transportation pattern for everyone. Make sure you are riding "heads up," and exercise caution as people adjust to the new roadway layout!


diagram of new traffic pattern for bicycles and vehicles on 15th Street in downtown Denver