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47th & York Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge

The project constructed a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge with stairs and ramps crossing over the Union Pacific railroad line, south of the existing crossing at 47th Avenue and York Street. Improving this connection and crossing was identified as a top priority and transformative concept in the 2015 Elyria Swansea Neighborhood Plan (PDF). In 2017, residents voted and approved the Elevate Denver Bond Program, which committed $9.4 million to constructing this vital project. The critical mobility improvement is focused on providing safe bicycle and pedestrian connections between Elyria and Swansea Neighborhoods, and between Swansea Elementary School and the Valdez-Perry Branch Library.

Project Status: Bridge Open

This new bridge is open and the contractor is making final touches on the project.


February 2020 - Pick and placement of the bridge section

The bridge was picked up by a large crane and carried into position where it was hoisted into place.  The bridge deck was then lined up with the anchor bolts before final inspection.

bridge section being lifted for placement 

bridge section being lifted for placement 


bridge section being lifted for placement 

Project Inspector Johnny Lieben posing in front of the bridge 


Project Goals

  • Enhanced multimodal safety for the Elyria-Swansea neighborhoods
  • Increased east-west connectivity
  • Reduced risk and delays for cyclists and pedestrians traveling across the UP main line

rendering of bridge location over tracks, looking west

Rendering of future bridge location


Fact Sheet (PDF - English/español)

10 Fun Facts! (PDF - English/español)

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF - English)

Preguntas Frecuentes (PDF - español)

Thanks to all who attended to offer input on the 47th and York Bike Pedestrian Bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, set to begin construction in the spring of 2019. Read more from Elevate Denver

Thanks to all who attended the public meeting.

December 2017 News — Denver voters approve GO Bond

The 2017 GO Bond that was approved by voters in the November 2017 election included funding for the full design and construction of the 47th Avenue and York St. bicycle and pedestrian bridge.

For more information on the 2017 GO bond, go to

Project History: Elyria Swansea at York - East/West Connectivity Study

This study was conducted in 2016 to evaluate multi-modal connectivity in Elyria Swansea and improvements in the area north of I-70 and south of 49th Avenue. The final report identified a recommended alternative for a crossing at 47th Avenue and York. 

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Mike Harmer P.E.
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, Project Manager