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City Park Golf Course Redesign

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure and Denver Parks & Recreation are beginning work on the redesign of Denver's historic City Park Golf Course to revitalize the 18-hole course, improve and add facilities for golfers of all levels, and integrate course features that can serve to reduce flood risks in nearby neighborhoods. 

The guidelines and requirements for this redesign were produced as part of a lengthy collaborative process with the public, representatives of the neighborhoods around City Park Golf Course and the golf community. The updated design will preserve the best features of the current course and retain the traditional Parkland style look and feel of City Park Golf Course, along with modernized amenities that will be enjoyed by neighbors and golfers alike for generations to come. 





Project Updates: January 2020

Turf grow-in is in progress across the golf course property.

Landscaping and other work to complete the new clubhouse and maintenance facility is occurring.

Stormwater improvements on the golf course are operational and reducing flood risks as intended. The detention area is collecting stormwater from the basin upstream, slowly releasing the stormwater into an existing pipe north of the course, and helping prevent those stormwater systems north of 26th Avenue from becoming overwhelmed.

City Park Golf Course is currently closed and will reopen when the turf is fully established. An opening date for the golf course will be based on regular assessments of the turf. Establishment of the turf is largely dependent upon weather conditions.


August 2018

April 2018

Clubhouse (PDF)

Review the interior finish design for the clubhouse
sample of clubhouse interiors
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Interpretive exhibits/memorials (PDF)

Course routing Proposal as of April 2018 (PDF)

Grading and drainage (PDF)

October 2017

The CPGC Interpretive Plan defines the course’s unique legacy of diversity as the “People’s Course.” Learn more