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City Park Golf Course Proposed Designs

The City and County of Denver will be redesigning City Park Golf Course while integrating storm water detention areas that – while dry most of the time – will temporarily hold and slow floodwater during major storms.

Utilizing this property for integrated storm water management presents a rare and very exciting opportunity to redesign one of the City’s most beloved golf courses. Based on community-driven design guidelines, the updated course and new clubhouse will benefit neighbors and golfers alike. Our team is committed to delivering a project that creates a legacy for future generations.


Golf Course Layout

The new golf course is an 18-hole, par 70 course with a short game practice area 30 yards from the Clubhouse. There is a full-size driving range that is over 300 yards without nets, and a larger, more efficient and diverse First Tee course.

The new course keeps the Parkland style look and feel, preserves views and uses the existing corridors on 7 of the 18 holes. The new course will accommodate players of all abilities and have a varied 3 to 5 par for an interesting variety of holes.


proposed map of new golf course holes and amenities


Course Drainage and Grading

The new golf course will temporarily hold and slow floodwater during major storms, providing additional protection for homes and businesses downstream from the course. The new course will integrate a natural water treatment channel that enhances course playability. Storm and ground water drainage becomes golf water hazards on the course and keeps the Parkland style. The grading of the course will maintain sweeping vistas and the park-like feel of the course.


aerial view of proposed new golf course and detention areas, looking east


Tree Preservation and Reforestation

Construction of the new golf course will emphasize preservation of existing healthy stands of trees and save all perimeter trees except for five trees at the new entrance.

The reforestation plan for the new course complies with the City’s forestry guideline, maintains existing views into the park, will result in a net gain of 500 trees and will be comprised of tree species that are resilient to environmental stresses such as grey water and pests.

Sidewalks will run north and south on York Street and Colorado Boulevard, and a sidewalk will run from the new entrance on 23rd Avenue to the new clubhouse.


Clubhouse & Maintenance Facility

The new, modern Clubhouse will have a west-facing back patio with expansive views and enough space to accommodate golf and community events concurrently. The design includes floor-to-ceiling glass windows, materials that blend with the natural landscape and is designed to achieve LEED Gold certification.

Other considerations regarding the design are to locate the clubhouse to preserve local neighborhood views and to have an efficient layout for maintenance work, parking and storage.