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CPGC Cultural and Historical Significance


The CPGC Interpretive Plan defines the course’s unique legacy of diversity as the “People’s Course.” Noble Erickson will be overseeing the development of the Interpretive Plan. The Plan will develop a narrative — themes and storylines — for the exhibits and signs, which interpret the course’s cultural landscape and cultural identity. This interpretation integrates the physical and historical “experience of place” with the social “experience of meaning and value” of generations of people at City Park Golf Course.

The interpretive process is highly collaborative and is guided by community outreach at public meetings, one-on-one interviews, research of existing historical resources and library collections, and a previously developed cultural landscape assessment.

The existing CPGC clubhouse display of artifacts and photos have been documented and will be used within the new clubhouse exhibits. Exterior exhibits will be guided by the interpretive plan and consider re-installation of memorial benches and plaques at appropriate locations on the golf course.


Contact the project team for more information on the CPGC Interpretive Plan.

Project Hotline: 303-386-9150
TTY: 720-512-7257

Open House Materials — CPGC History (PDF)