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Meeting Materials


August 8, 2018 Community Task Force Meeting

thumbnail image of map showing BRT stations and intersections on Colfax

Map of conceptual BRT station locations, signalized intersections and new protected pedestrian crossings; click to see the full corridor map

Conceptual Design Presentation (PDF) – summary of preliminary planning process, design methodology and next steps.

Corridor-Wide Pedestrian Safety Project Materials (PDF) – overview of two sample conceptual designs of the City’s accompanying pedestrian safety and mobility project focused on areas between BRT stations in the Colfax corridor.

Colfax BRT: Conceptual Design Station Areas (PDF) – sample station design and preliminary plans for BRT station areas where East Colfax intersects with:

  • Mariposa/Lipan
  • Delaware
  • Civic Center
  • Pennsylvania
  • Downing
  • Williams
  • York/Josephine
  • Steele
  • Colorado
  • Elm
  • Hudson
  • Krameria
  • Monaco
  • Quebec
  • Uinta
  • Yosemite

Colfax BRT: Conceptual Design Pedestrian Crossings (PDF) – preliminary design plans for pedestrian crossings at signalized intersections along East Colfax including:

  • Madison
  • Bellaire
  • Tamarac
  • Willow

September 2017

BID Presentation (PDF) 

Screen 3 Public Meeting Materials: Preliminary Locally Preferred Alternatives  — August 2014

Screen 3 Presentation: Preliminary Locally Preferred Alternative (PDF)

Public Meeting  — February 2013

Project Overview Presentation

Screen 2 Materials: Preliminary Route & Technology Results — February 2013

Screen 2 Presentation (PDF)

Technology Videos

Screen 1 Materials: Evaluation Process & Criteria — November 2012


Related Studies and Information

The Colfax Corridor Connections study to implement BRT began in June 2012.

The initial Public Scoping phase, completed in Fall 2012, created the list of options for meeting mobility and transit needs in the corridor. 

An initial Alternatives Analysis to explore options for streetcar or bus rapid transit system was completed in 2015. This included an increasingly detailed evaluation of alternatives to eliminate flawed alternatives and identify those that best meet the needs of the corridor with the least environmental impact.

Following the Alternatives Analysis, the team identified a Locally Preferred Alternative, and moved to the Conceptual Engineering/Environmental Analysis phase to present a recommendation for side-running BRT running in exclusive lanes during peak periods in January 2016. Residents, businesses and stakeholders responded with a request to develop a more visionary, comprehensive transit investment.

Denver’s Colfax Streetcar Feasibility Study, completed in 2010, examined the potential for a streetcar project to accommodate the future person trip demand in the Denver portion of the East Colfax Avenue Corridor. It noted that the four bus transit routes in the study area, currently carrying approximately 30,000 riders per day, make the corridor the highest ridership bus corridor in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) system. The study concluded that a streetcar system was potentially feasible and should be considered in future studies as one option to accommodate future person-trip demand.